Thursday, April 09, 2009

Decision Portrait Series: On Making Decisions, Learning Disabled

(Above: Decision Portrait Series, On Making Decisions, Learning Disabled. 25" x 35", unframed. 31" x 41", framed. Xylene photo transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand stitched and beaded. Stitched words: One day....We'll have to decide housing. Who next can be trusted? (center, bottom); I decide what to wear, how to best do my job, my friends and my fun time (left); I help with Transportation, paperwork, finances, explain things, and medical matters (right). Click on image to enlarge.)

While I stitch quietly in my studio, I think about all sorts of things, including ideas for future pieces in this Decision Portrait Series. Often, I write down potential titles and phrases. Occasionally, I upload these on the Decision Portrait blog. Yesterday I added all sorts of new Good Samaritan, Nudist, Hitch Hiker, CEO, and 20/20 Vision. (Check it might want to pose with your significant decision...whether it's on the "wish list" or not!)

The last time I upload potential portraits was when I was finishing Dealing with Alzheimer's. Between that portrait and the new ideas, I received some comments...suggestions for even more portraits. One of the people responding was Chris Mundy. Through our resulting emails, I learned that Christ is Kate's proud mother....and an important part of Kate's support system. Kate is learning disabled. Looking at the decision making process took on a new perspective and even though this portrait wasn't on my "wish list", I knew it was a perfect way to focus on DECISIONS! It has been a wonderful pleasure working with both Chris and Kate.

Kate makes most of her own daily decisions. Some matters, however, need gentle advice. Chris is there. Some issues require Chris's trusted judgment. They are a great team. They will make the decisions in the future...with respect for one another.

(Above: Detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

I hope that those viewing this finished piece will think about how decisions are made....sometimes alone, sometimes with the advice of others, sometimes by someone else. I know that I've thought about how I make decisions...sometimes alone, sometimes with my husband Steve, and sometimes Steve makes the decisions for us both. It took Kristine and Kate for me to consider this aspect of the decision making process. I'm honored to have learned from such fantastic new friends.

(Above: Detail. Click on image to enlarge.)


Wanda said...

This one is powerful. Really powerful. It is about trust and love and commitment. It made me think of MY mother. It made me think of who I trust. I mean really trust. I think my list is very short. I'm sorry to say

Chris said...

Hi, thanks to Susan and hello Wanda. It's pretty much my life's work to make sure Kate will be OK in the future. This portrait has sparked conversation within our family. I think it will be OK in the end.

lindacreates said...

What a beautiful portrait. Chris loves Kate so much, yet it must be a delicate balance between mother and daughter. Everyone needs someone they can trust, especially Kate! They will face difficult decisions, but somehow I think they will be fine. I agree with Wanda, I can't think of too many I can trust, which makes me sad.