Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home from a very busy week!

(Above: London, The Eye and the former County Hall....currently home to several businesses and attractions including the Marriott....where we stayed in a suite, swam in the pool, and enjoyed a view of Big Ben and the Parliament complex! Courtesy of my mother's Marriott points! Click on image to enlarge...our room windows are just over the statue on the left end of the semi-circular facade end!)

Late on Monday....just after midnight...we returned from a fabulous week in England! Mathias and Laura-Jane danced beautifully. The weather was wonderful. We saw so much! More images are coming, but this is a very, very busy week! Artista Vista, the annual spring art gallery crawl, is this Thursday.

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Wanda said...

Welcome home!! And I know this is a busy week but enjoy one takes the work away from you. It'll wait for you!