Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stained Glass Pieces Finished....England, Here I come!

(Above: Stained Glass XI, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

Earlier this week I turned 50! That's a half a amazing amount of time. I am stunned because I hardly feel the years (most fortunately!). Mere words cannot adequately express the sensation: I am old; I am young. I have just begun a career in fibers....yet, I am middle aged. Time is racing out of control.

(Above: Stained Glass XI. Click on image to enlarge. Approximately, 57" x 17", unframed.)

Logic must intrude! I've spent the past eight years "emerging". Now, however, I must immediately enter the realm of MID-CAREER ARTIST. I can safely spend the next eight years or a decade as a mid-career artist....then....there will be another reality check! In ten years I'll be sixty! At sixty years of age, I'd better be firmly into serious, mature work. (Now is the time to plan!)

(Above: Detail of Stained Glass XI. Click on image to enlarge.)

So....I have a list... a plan to get me from the shock of 50 to the stun of 60! (Yes, sister...I, too, have a list!----Aside: Wanda has a "list" of her "lists"; she is QUEEN of list!) My list addresses the my desires.

(Above: Stained Glass XII. Approximately 57" x 17", unframed. Click on image to enlarge.)

Here are my desires:
I want to be taken seriously as an artist. I want to be accepted into an international juried show(s). I want to have proper gallery representation. I want to be selected for another artist residency. I want to write a book and have it published and have people want to purchase it. I want to create work that touches souls...souls that I'll never personally know. I want Alex, my younger son, to be happy.

(Above: Stained Glass XII, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

This is a tall order. It is the "order of a lifetime". I have less than half my life to achieve it.

(Above: Stained Glass XIII. Approximately 57" x 17", unframed. Click on image to enlarge.)

Time is running out!

(Above: Stained Glass XIII, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

Yet, this past week I've used the time allotted to me well. I melted the faux stained glass fiber pieces. I submitted images and my paperwork for several potential art opportunities. I wrote a "guest blog post". I entered another juried show. Plus, I'm leaving tomorrow for Manchester, UK.

(Above: Stained Glass XIV. Approximately 57" x 17", unframed. Click on image to enlarge.)

Steve and I will be sharing a rental apartment with our son Mathias and his girlfriend Laura-Jane. Her parents hopefully will be coming to see the ballets in which the two will be performing. With luck, I'll get to meet these nice people who have opened their home to my elder son. The time away will be special.

(Above: Stained Glass XIV, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

The time away will also be an opportunity to explore Liverpool and to stitch another Grave Rubbing Series quilt. I will return with new ideas, new connections, and a new outlook on the next decade....a "mid-career fiber artist"!

(Above: Stained Glass XIV, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you Susan - for putting into words what I feel about being of 50+ years (I'll be 55 next month) and feeling a tremendous 'need' to be recognized as an artist (while at the same time being terrified of it actually happening). The need to become something other than what I already am, because the sense of time running out is becoming more and more urgent. You said it so well. And...the stained glass work is totally awe inspiring.


Happy Birthday Susan and all the very best in achieving all you've got on your wishlist.Reading your post has really motivated me to reach for the stars.

lindacreates said...

Happy Birthday Susan!!! I know after meeting you that you will accomplish all of your goals. I look forward to sharing in your life through your blog. Have a fabulous trip to England. I am sure you will come home with even more enthusiasm for your goals. My favorite stained glass is XIII. They are all wonderful and so unique/

changelingthings said...

I've been reading and enjoying your posts about the stained glass windows and the next mid life direction. I've recently turned 40and am feeling a bit lost as I face new directions. I know I'm ten years younger but I'm waiting for this new energy that I've been told will arrive. It seems that you have found it and I'm encouraged by that. Thanks for posting about it.

Sapphire Dakini said...

Great post! I'm closing in on 50 also & am starting to feel the pressure to accomplish "more". That "more" has been evolving over the past 6 months & I'm finally starting to get clear on my goals. Here's to the 2nd half of life!

Love the stained glass series. Actually, I love all of your work.

Wanda said...

I had to do this post twice..once to read it and once to look at the pictures. The stained glass pieces are so beautiful. Sort of like they are the crowned glory. I am taken in to them. I am so proud of you having a list...and that you seem to even know where it is! ha ha Thank you for putting into words and feeling all these feelings for are going through things now and I get to be one step ahead of the game in a couple of years when it's my turn for the 50 milestone. You've always taken really good care of me!

Nellie's Needles said...

My dear, you're just hitting your stride! From my point of view, you've laid the foundation, you've done the work to make all on your list a reality. All, that is, except to make your son be happy. As a mother, your job of helping him lay the foundation for his finding his own way to be productive and find bliss is done. The only thing we can do for our adult children is to be affirmative, supportive, or sympathethetic. Plus, to set an example by living our own lives well by being enthusiastic and productive.

This stained glass series is awesome ... as is all your other work. Your zest, enthusiasm, and deep caring and concern give a richness, substance, and liveliness to your art. I'm in awe!

Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

I'm a bit late but, a very Happy Birthday belatedly. I can only echo what's been said here by everyone else. I am turning 57 this year and understand the feeling of panic when you think of everything you want to achieve in the time that might be left. I am sure that you are well placed with your wealth of experience to move forward and fulfill your expectations. 50 is the new 40!

I hope you have a wonderful stay in UK and I'll look forward to seeing your photos when you get back. The stained glass pieces are amazing!

Endy said...

Complimenti sono bellissimi i tuoi lavori!