Saturday, June 13, 2009

A big weekend ahead!

(Above: Stained Glass XIV, in progress. Click on image to enlarge everything including my feet as I was standing on my wooden stool taking this photo with the camera held over my head!)

My chiffon scarves and metallic foil arrived from The Thread Studio just in time for a weekend of free motion embroidery on the six "faux stained glass" fiber pieces. Yesterday, I finished the construction for the sixth one. Today I'll start stitching. Yet, I'm also taking a few breaks to work on my hanging epitaph installation. (One cannot do the same thing for so many hours on end!)

To this end, I've typed out all the collected epitaphs....I wanted to share them with the nice people at Shive's Funeral home, so I "buried" them on another, less used blog. The epitaphs are listed in no particular order but organized by cemetery location!

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