Thursday, July 09, 2009

England....a endless source for inspiration!

(Above: Mounting the six faux-stained glass fiber pieces on Edelweiss linen over-sized mat board already placed in black linen liners. I stitch directly through the piece and the linen mat board. It's hard work but totally reversible. The linen liner prevents the Plexi-Glass from touching the artwork....basically, the Plexi-Glas is between the frame and the liner. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Mathias and Laura-Jane as gypsies in Act II of Two Pigeons. Click on image to enlarge. There are more photos on "My Family Blog".)

Steve and I just returned from a wonderful week in Manchester, England. While there, we went to nearby Chester and Liverpool. I took hundreds of photographs. I scribbled down epitaphs for my hanging art installation. I got a few, utterly unique grave rubbings for potential art quilts. I stitched on the plane, on the trains, and during most evenings. We watched two different performances by Birmingham Royal Ballet...twice each. Our elder son Mathias and his girlfriend Laura-Jane danced beautifully....and I wrote all about the trip on my "Family Blog".

(Above: Leslie Pontz's incredible fiber work on display in the International Terminal of the Philadelphia Airport.)

From the beginning, this blog was supposed to be my artistic journal...a way to write and share inspirations, new work, and creative impulses. It was never intended to document my life, day to day. Yet, there is no hard, fast line between my personal life and my artistic one....especially when traveling to England.

(Above: My husband Steve admiring more of Leslie Pontz's artwork. Click on image to enlarge.)

Thus, my recap of our trip is now on "My Family Blog" and this post is just a way to share some of the energy, inspiration, and great work I saw during the past week.

(Above: Leslie Pontz's work. Click on image to enlarge.)

I knew it would be a "good trip"...right from the start. The fiber installation at the Philadelphia airport is always an excellent indication of the week. Leslie Pontz's work filled the Plexi-Glass boxes in the International terminal.

(Above: More of Leslie Pontz's fiber art. Click on image to enlarge.)

I have no desire to knit or crochet scarves or sweaters or afghans.....but the desire to switch to un-eyed needles might take hold if I look at many more of these organic pieces. Each one was delicious, well crafted, and beautifully displayed.

Public art is important. I look forward to walking through the Philadelphia International terminal....just to view the fiber art on display there. I really believe that our world would be a more beautiful place if there were more exhibitions of I found in Salford, a suburb of Manchester....a few yards from the Manchester United Football (Soceer) Club's Old Trafford Stadium.

Along the quay in Salford was Silent Cargoes by Sites of NY. Quietly, these old artifacts bore witness to a profitable past while simultaneously decorating the modern canal side with significant art.

In every town or city, I look for the church. It is generally among the oldest of buildings and filled with ornamentation, beautiful art, and a in England......needlepoint kneelers. This one was in the Manchester Cathedral. I loved the different stitches and it was exceedingly well crafted.

Of course, I am currently writing down epitaphs for a hanging installation scheduled next February. The Manchester Cathedral had this most touching one (above, click to enlarge.) I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to use this one....but it just must be worked into the project.

While in Eccles, a tiny old village on the outskirts of Manchester, I found five or six gravestones at the back of the sanctuary, including this one with a mid-17th c. date. I was able to make several graverubbings....crayon on fabric. Yet, these stones were very textured, weathered, and not exactly ideal for a rubbing. I took loads of photographs and have an idea that will allow me to create a very unique art quilt.

(Above: Sculpture in Liverpool's Walker Gallery. Click on image to enlarge.)

One of our "side trips" was to Liverpool. We visited the Tate Liverpool for a great experience with contemporary art. We spent most of our time around the Albert Docks and the Maritime Museum. I concentrated on architecture....especially the blend of old and new. We saw the Cecil Beaton photography exhibition at the Walker Gallery and I took some great photos of winged sculpture in the marble gallery there too.

Since returning home, I've been trying to catch up with the mountain of work that accumulated in our absense.....but at least this included mounting and framing my own six faux-stained glass pieces and finishing up another Grave Rubbing Quilt (photos coming soon!)....all before heading out again this Sunday. I was awarded a full scholarship to the Split Rock Programs in Minnesota to study art quilts with Emily Richardson. I'll look at the supply list and pack tomorrow!


Bill Evertson said...

Wonderful post - I'm dizzy and exhausted just by reading it. Can you bottle some energy? Congrats on the scholarship.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Your trip sounds fabulous and congrats on the scholarship :) I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pics.

One of the things I miss about England are the castles, churches, graveyards, old walls, and the public art. Even in the most industrial of towns up north there is a plethora of public art.

Aussie Jo said...

Thanks you for sharing all of this, it's very inspiring to read about how you are developing your artistic career. Have fun with your scholarship workshops.
The artworks from the airport are just sensational, are they knit and crochet?

Jacquelines blog said...

It sounds like a wonderfull trip!

Wanda said...

WHEN do you go to Minnasota??? Now??? Wow...I hope it is everything you want it to be! And don't worry about will stay right there for you to do. Isn't that what grandma Lenz used to say?!