Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little, fun things!

(Above: Key to the Cure, Breast Cancer. 9" x 7", framed. Embellished and beaded background, found PINK key, ribbon, vintage heart-shaped button, machine made cording, handmade tag using vintage letters. Hand painted frame. Click on image to enlarge.)

Sometimes I take a break from my normal work and just create something small and fun. Recently I did these three pieces. Above is Key to the Cure, Breast Cancer. A friend needed a special gift for a woman who has battled breast cancer and helped in a non-profit organization that assists other fighting this condition. When I found the pink key in my stash....I knew this was the piece to make.

(Above: Nails. 9 1/2" x 9 1/2". Hand painted silks, rusted damask, wrapped rusty nails, beads, hand and free motion zigzag embroidery. Click on image to enlarge.)

In my class in Minnesota last month, I made a piece that "wasn't finished". I cut it and used most for the exterior "doors" on Nail Triptych. The center scrap, however, became this little piece, above. Another scrap became this little piece, below.

(Above: Leaves. 9" x 9", framed. Skeletal leaves, hand painted fabrics, metallic foiling, hand beading, free motion machine embroidery. Click on image to enlarge.

Now back to my more serious work! I'm stitching two more Decision Portraits: Solidarity and Recycler. Hopefully at least one complete before the end of the weekend. In the evenings, there's another Grave Rubbing Quilt commanding attention. There's also a goal to complete at least two panels for the Epitaph Installation! I've promised photos....but haven't taken them yet. Work! Work! Work!


Unknown said...

Slow down!! You're making us slow pokes look bad ;) Nice to see what you ended up doing with the unfinished piece from Minnesota; it came out very well!

arlee said...

love that second piece--raw but soft

Wanda said...

great little pieces! I'm glad you sometimes stop and do something different and something for yourself. You are one busy person, Susan..wanna get away for a long weekend? I have a guest room available!!!!

Linda of the Lake said...

Did you emboss on either of these?