Friday, October 02, 2009

Workshop with Sara Lechner

(Above: The workshop! Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

Okay....I admit it....there's no earthly way to due Sara Lechner's studio and artwork any justice in a single blog post. Simply put....AWESOME! The workshop was so much fun. The inspiration was immeasurable. Being there with my Swedish embroidery friends made the experience even more special.

I learned more about myself and my work than anything else....which is significant. Time will tell how and where the influences will seep out in my future stitching.

I took loads of photos, each one capturing something unique. Selecting which ones to post here was difficult....but, if interested, I created a video with almost all the images I kept. It's just under five minutes of heavenly "eye candy" set to appropriately Austrian (Mozart) music. Please it enjoy it HERE!


Pat said...

You obviously had a ball, thank you for sharing this it all sounds and looks wonderful. Experiences such as this are a sure way to grow.

Threadhead said...

Oh, what I would give to be there in Sara's studio, in her company and amidst her beutiful talent!

Puddleduck said...

Oh wow! Thank you for posting these photos.... I love to see where others create! I only found Sara's Blog yesterday! Amazing work - hers and yours. Gorgeous Studio!

I can't seem to get the video you made to work - only the first 4 seconds!


Shelley said...

Hi there,
Lovely photo's. I had a look at the video you did, but for me the picture was very small and it was difficult to make out the definition.

I am planning my studio and would love to look at the video on a bigger scale, do you have a link? Or do you have more of the 'still' photographs.

Many thanks