Monday, November 30, 2009

In Box LIV and miniature heat transfer leave quilts

(Above: In Box LIV, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

While installing Blues Chapel in Texas, I had my laptop and corresponded with a couple back in Columbia. The wife had seen my "In Box Series" pieces at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios...where my studio is. The husband needs artwork for his new, corporate office. He came to look at them, but most are now at the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville. Using images on my blog, we came to an agreement for a commission which I just completed! I hope they like In Box LIV!

(Above: In Box LIV. Full view. Click on image to enlarge. For a tutorial for making this work, please click HERE.)

I also created six miniature quilts using the fabric that I made with the public while demonstrating heat activated paints and crayons at Saluda Shoals Park on October 4th at an event called Unearth, A Celebration of Naturally Inspired Art. I thought only the kids would get involved but found that EVERYONE....young and old enjoyed making crayon rubbings of the leaves. I used these images for the "positives". I used the actual leaves with heat activated painted paper to create the "resists". I don't have any photos from the day....because I was too busy ironing!

(Above: Six matted, miniature quilts made using heat activated transfer paints and crayons on polyester. I added the "center". It was made using water soluble material as a stablizer on a chiffon scarf. The leave was free motion stitched on the chiffon/stablizer; rinsed....dissolving the stablizer; and tacked on top of the fabric.)

My friend Dolly Patton is the executive director of the Saluda Shoals Foundation and spearheaded the event. I made these pieces for her to use however she can to promote the park as an arts destination....maybe as special gifts for major sponsors. The public and I actually made four pieces of material. Above are the other three....also going to Dolly in order for her to use anyway she can!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am in total awe of the 'box' pieces you do. What an incredible amount of work must be involved, but so fascinating to study and notice all the great little details. Someday I'm going to try a small one, just to play with the technique.

Wanda said...

The In Box is a great series! It looks great in fotos and is awesome in real life. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to see your studio and the work you do there. Beautiful donation material as well. Such pretty colors and full of life.