Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Commission from Grovewood Galleries

(Above: In Box LX. Commissioned by the Grovewood Gallery for their client. Click on image to enlarge. Approximately 12" x 32"...and will frame up to about 20" x 40". I'm just waiting on the framing selection.)

(Above: Detail of In Box LX with signature box. Click on image to enlarge.)

Although I've been busy getting ready for Blues Chapel and Last Words, my solo exhibition at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios (February 5 - 16), I spent most of the past weekend working on a commission from the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville. The client wanted the piece to be a horizontal and avoid hot pinks and purple and pastels. This is the result.

(Above: Detail of In Box LX with date. Click on image to enlarge.)

Most of my In Box pieces can hang as either a horizontal or a vertical. I've stitched my initials or name and date in the corners in ways that allow for either orientation. Knowing, however, that this would be a horizontal. I signed my name in the lower left box and dated it in the lower right with all the letters lining up to the "bottom".

(Above: Detail of In Box LX. Click on image to enlarge.)

This series was originally inspired by the architecture of Freidensreich Hundretwasser, the Austrian artist who designed fanciful, eco-friendly building with brightly colored mosaics and wall treatments. I'm currently reading a great biography....more inspiration!


kay said...

Love, love, love this! Also, can't wait for your BLUES opening. I can't wait to see what Kim is helping you do. How EXCITING!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

So incredibly beautiful and Inspiring!!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Doris said...

Susan, I am just loving reading about all of your successes. I'll be able to say, "I knew her when..."

Keep up the great work, you inspire me to strive for more!

Wanda said...

I guess it can be horizontal and vertical. I don't quite get why they wanted it the other way but, that's okay. I don't need to get everything. You have time to read???

blankets said...

I think this is a wonder piece.A hanging that could really fill the wall with beauty and color.Love the colors chosen on the abstract theme.