Monday, March 22, 2010

Catching up....Part Two: Birmingham, England

The day after returning from San Francisco I flew to Birmingham, England to see my elder son Mathias and his girlfriend Laura-Jane.....dancing! On Wednesday night I saw the Birmingham Royal Ballet's 20th anniversary gala. Prince Charles saw it too! Later, I saw two different casts perform The Sleeping included Mathias dancing the principal role "Bluebird" and Laura-Jane dancing the soloist role "Fairy of Song". They were tremendous. Because there are about six casts in order to rotate people during the month of shows held all over England, I also got to see the two dance several other parts. Laura-Jane was Little Red Riding Hood (Too cute for words!) and Mathias danced in a waltz and garland dance. They both dance other parts too.

The Birmingham Royal Ballet website recently posted a rehearsal long "take"...of Ambra Vallo and Mathias Dingman's adagio from the Bluebird Pas de deax. It is HERE! It is wonderful! (That's them above!)

On Sunday night Mathias fixed us a steak dinner....but he forgot to take any photos in costume! He's promised them later. What else did I do in England....well, I went to the historic cemeteries in Birmingham....of course! I also visited with two bloggers in Nottingham, but that's for the next post, Catching up....Part Three!

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Wanda said...

Absolutely awesome. Boy is Mathias all grown up! Yeah..I know, kids tend to do that! ha ha