Monday, April 26, 2010

Decision Portraits....the BIG push!

(Above: Stack of 25 Decision Portraits ready to be stitched! Click on image to enlarge.)

I have a major exhibition coming up this fall at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston. It is a bit overwhelming because the space is gigantic.....several rooms spread over two floors. The Office of Cultural Affairs selected my Decision Portraits for the show. Although I have 45 completed pieces, ideally I need 90. This has meant that the last month has been spend looking for "models".....people willing to share an important decision with me....sign a provided model's release....and submit a digital photo. There LOTS of correspondence to making these things happen. I've been writing to over 45 people. Little by little, the necessary items have been coming in. On Saturday and Sunday I used the garage as a temporary "xylene transfer studio" and successfully created 33 images on tea-stained muslin. Serendipitously, Guy from River Runner, the local kayak and canoe shop, got in a large boat.....wrapped in SIXTEEN FEET of white felt. Generally, the felt is black. Recycled white felt, however, can be used for the Decision Portraits! The first ten had recycled white the last 33 - 45 will also have it. After the transfer is made, I rough cut white felt and Thai Stucco paper from Legions, creating a sandwich. The photo above is a stack of 25. I ran out of the Thai Stucco paper but have ordered more. This is a lot of stitching! I estimate that if I complete an average of one every three days, I'll be okay! This is scary! No more late night out for me!

(Above: Sixteen feet of white felt recycled from the local kayak/canoe shop! Click on image to enlarge.)


Bill Evertson said...

Wow and you say you can't party like a kid anymore. I don't believe it...looks like you've been up to some great creative fun. Can't wait to see how crazy you get working up this show ;-)

EmandaJ said...

Hi Susan, I was intrigued with the Decision Portraits when you talked about them while you were in Denton, TX. I don't know if you have portraits for things like, "I decided to not have children" or "I decided to not go for my PhD" but I would be interested in participating if could use me.

Emanda Johnson

Judy said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Sixteen feet of white felt!!my heart would be thumping!!!I LOVE felt!!Such a useful and versatile fibre!!