Friday, April 23, 2010

Every Day should be EARTH DAY!

(Above: Wasted Words: Global Warnings. Fiber vessel created from recycled yarns and zigzag stitching filled with ripped, rolled, stitched pages from conservations articles from World Book Year Books, 1962-75. JUST ACCEPTED INTO GREEN: THE COLOR AND THE CAUSE, April 16 - Sept. 11, 2011 at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC! Click on image to enlarge.)

Yesterday was EARTH DAY. It was also Artista Vista, an annual spring art event in downtown Columbia. So....I wore my "leaf" dress and enjoyed being called an "Earth Day Goddess." Yet, this made it very easy to distribute fliers for tonight's Runaway Runway, a fashion show of recycled materials.

I'm NOT MODELING this dress on the "catwalk"! I have a MODEL to wear one of the two artificial flower dresses. All blossoms and petals were collected from cemetery dumpsters and trash bins....never from a grave! The second dress is being worn by a friend who will also be attending. I've heard there are 48 entries; the judges will select three finalists; the audience will text their votes for these selected three outfits. Last night I learned how to send a text message and am hoping to be able to vote for my creation if it is lucky enough to be in the top three!

As if all this GREEN and EARTH DAY happenings weren't enough, today an acceptance letter arrived from the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. Wasted Words: Global Warnings (above) was ACCEPTED into a show this coming year! I've visited this museum dozens of time and am SO EXCITED! Click here to see the blog post I wrote when I created the piece. It has more photos!


Natalya Aikens said...

congratulations! and cool dress too, good luck!

latarnia said...

Congrats on being accepted for the show in Museum! I'm so happy for you Susan :)
The dress looks WONDERFUL, I hope the flower one will make it to the top three, it's a georgeus idea and project, keeping my fingers crossed!

Elizabeth said...

You look absolutely stunning in your wonderful dress!!!! Good luck witht he show ! Huge congrats for getting into the textile Show- I must get in to see it when it opens!!
YOU are such an amazing inspiration!!!

Linda of the Lake said...

How lovely to be in the Textile Museum - we have visited it so many times. Congrads!

You look great in the Peter Pan Dress!

Wanda said...

GREAT pictures of you! You just learned to text message? least you know where you phone is at the moment!! ha ha