Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Friday's Photos!

(Above: The Joseph Manigault House, 1803. Federal Style. Charleston. Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

My last blog post had no photos but was called "Friday was a Great Day". It really was an excellent day! One of the reasons was that I had several hours in Charleston....all by myself....no work obligations....no one to consult....just a beautiful afternoon in a magnificently historic city. I went to the Charleston Museum to see "Aisle Style", an exhibit of wedding dresses and accessories from the museum's collection. It was very informative....especially since I'm mentally planning an installation for next spring called I do/I don't. To that end, if anyone has a old wedding veil that needs to be turned into art....let me know! I've been collecting for the past two months....which means I now have two! Yet, I'll get more! I know that the world serendipitously provides exactly what I need! (I'm also collecting socks....old, worn, matchless! This should be much, much easier. I've been collecting for two weeks and have one bag almost filled!)

(Above: The chandelier at the Joseph Manigault House, Charleston. Below: Plaster crown moulding.)

(Below: Dining Room at the Joseph Manigault House, Charleston.)

I also toured one of the grand Federal style homes, the Joseph Manigault House. It was built in 1803 and its interior has been restored to the period....down to the selection of colors, the beautiful furnishing, the plaster crown moulding, and the artwork.

(Above: Lee Sipe's Vessel 199. Best of Show at Palmetto Hands, a juried fine craft exhibition at the North Charleston Arts Festival. Click on image to enlarge.)

By 6 PM I was at the North Charleston Convention Center for the opening of Palmetto Hands. My Stained Glass XV (below) won an outstanding merit award. My friend Lee Sipe's Vessel 199 won "Best of Show". I really liked the assemblages by Nancy Pollock, including Formal Dining (below), and by Matt Wilson, including Bull Skull (below). Great use of interesting found objects!

(Above: Bull Skull by Matt Wilson. Click on image to enlarge. Great use for golf clubs and tees!)

(Above: Stained Glass XV. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Formal Dining by Nancy Pollack. Click on image to enlarge.)

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Aussie Jo said...

The wedding veil became the bassinet net and then was sold off with the bassinet; but I might have a nice grungy (but washed) AFL footy sock for you.
P.S. I saw your Epitaph quilt at AQC Melbourne and it is wonderful in the flesh, beautiful stitchery.