Friday, May 14, 2010

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(Above: The new Dale Chihuly chandelier at the Columbia Museum of Art. Click on image to enlarge.)

Although I seriously try to balance "making a living" with "making art", there's many related events in which I participate that sort of "bridge the two" selling work and doing things that are "art related" that lead to or create income. This week I participated in the Young Contemporaries Art Auction and Soiree. It was the first time I had the opportunity to see the new Dale Chihuly chandelier....which the Young Contemporaries purchased with funds from past events.

(Above: My three pieces hanging on the first floor.....with the Dale Chihuly chandelier hanging in the foreground. Click on image to enlarge.)

I also was given the opportunity (and a stipend!) for jurying the 7th Annual Lowcountry Art Exhibition which opens this Saturday night at the South Carolina Artisan Center in Walterboro. It was the first time I've been in such a position. The experience was very insightful. I learned quite a bit while feeling the weight of "passing judgment" on others artwork. Below is my "juror's statement" (The winners were notified this isn't "spilling the beans". I also selected two "honorable mentions").

It was my sincere honor to serve as juror for the 7th annual Lowcountry Art Exhibition. As a juried member of the South Carolina Artisan Center, I was familiar with the criteria used in the process of selecting artists for this prestigious representation. The hardworking staff provided their handout and I based my award decisions using these guidelines:

  1. Originality of medium, technique, subject, perspective
  2. Quality of technique, medium
  3. Creativity in use of medium, subject
  4. Overall appeal, including presentation

I carefully studied very piece in the exhibition.
Each fulfilled these requirements. Obviously a few simply stood out. These special works continued to draw my attention with their outstanding artistry. Amy Minson’s Cabbage Key I demonstrated serious command of her pastel medium and abilities as a colorist. Dolores Walters’ creative use of texture enhanced her imagery. Crosby Shrimp by Holger Obenaus is a masterpiece of light, balance and timeless beauty. There were several other pieces that deserved acclaim but did not fit into the parameters of the exhibition guidelines. I did not feel it appropriate to award work older than the listed rules of having been “completed within the last three years”.

(Above: Looking down on the catered food selection under the Dale Chihuly chandelier at the Young Contemporaries Art Auction and Soiree 2010.)

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Amy said...



Hope you will allow for better a late thank you than no thank you at all.

1st thanks for participating in the 7th Annual Lowcountry Art Exhibit, and thank you for your kind words regarding my submission Cabbage Key I. It is always lovely to have people enjoy and relate to the expressions of the heart that we share, but it is really icing on the cake when a fellow artist extends the complement. Your words are a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Amy Minson