Monday, May 10, 2010

Trip to the Virginia Arts Festival

I've posted six entries on "My Family Blog":
Norfolk: Part I....Mom and Dad and Mermaids
Norfolk: Part II...The Moser Myer House
Norfolk: Part III...Day Trip to Bacon's Castle
Norfolk: Part IV...The Chrysler Museum
Norfolk: Part V....SWAN LAKE
a video from Veer Television about Swan Lake in which Mathias appears within the first minute!

In all this posting, I forgot one photo.....which I'm putting here. My Uncle Larry evidently said that the only way a man can expect to live as long as his wife was to marry an older woman. (Aunt Gloria is something like four years older than him.)'s not necessarily true and this grave marker proves it! He was two years older and lived sixty-two years longer! Amazing!

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