Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaving for Plymouth, UK

(Above: Detail of In Box LXXVII. Click on image to enlarge.)

Later this afternoon Steve and I are flying off for a week of sight-seeing and ballet in Plymouth, England. We'll be seeing Birmingham Royal Ballet's triple bill earlier in the week and Romeo and Juliet later in the week. Steve has several day trips planned as well. I'm taking recent issues of Fiberarts and Craft magazine and two back copies of the Surface Design Journal that were sent by a member with the intention of getting me to join. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the opportunities available with my SAQA membership but am considering joining this group too. I'd love to hear what others like best about each organization. I've also basted together two Grave Rubbing Art Quilts on which I'll work while traveling.

Like most people getting ready for a week away, I've been busy "tying up loose ends". Exhibition proposals were mailed and my friend Ashley came by for a photo shoot. I need images (front and back) of my cemetery flower dresses for an upcoming juried show.

(Above: Ashley, our cat Max...who wanted in the photo...and me...ready to go to the cemetery for a photo shoot in the dresses I made from artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters. The dresses were made on a water soluble base. These garment are now just artificial flowers and thread...totally washable....totally recycled!)

So....we got dressed at Mouse House (my home/business)....

...and drove to the cemetery (about two blocks away)....

....and snapped a bunch of photos by grave sites that I had scouted the day before....

....including these great images. (Click on any of these photos to enlarge.)

I also finished In Box LXXVII. The detail photo is above. The full view is below. It's framed to 35 1/2" x 23 1/2" and is headed to the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville after we return. It is GREAT to be represented by a place that actively sells me work!

So....we're off for a week! I found one more image of BRB's Romeo and Juliet featuring our elder son Mathias as Mercutio....dead on the floor! I can't wait!


Lynn said...

Have a wonderful time on your trip! I know you will!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You again overwhelm with these wonderful crazy dresses! what a concept! only YOU!
Again the series of hangings shown here the stained glass are so wondefully beautiful. They take my breath away.

the grave rubbing dresses are sweet and sad.

Christine said...

Susan, I love seeing your work, such imagination! I can only dream of having such original ideas. Your green cemetery dress is particularly lovely, I think I may have said so before actually, VBG. The location photos are a great way to showcase them too, thanks so much for sharing.
Hooroo, from Christine in Sydney Australia