Monday, November 08, 2010

Forgotten Links!

Sometimes when I sit down at my computer to blog, I forget half the things I wanted to post! In recent weeks, I've forgotten to include a few special links.... being featured on Dawn Goldsmith's amazing Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles blog in an article called "Good Advice from a Real Professional Artist". (Okay....I didn't exactly "forget" this! It just appeared over the weekend!) THANK YOU DAWN! an article that appeared in Grove City, PA's Allied News written by staff writer Katelyn Struthers entitled "Artist Makes Name Weaving Others' Stories". It's basically a "local girl makes good" sort of narrative about my solo show in Charleston. Okay....there's a few errors! I was not born in Slippery Rock, PA....but we moved there when I was entering the third grade and my parents and two sisters still live there. husband is not a "Lenz"....that's my maiden name! Otherwise, it is a charming story and I am happy that people in my parents' hometown can read about the art I've made! my Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Time Flies being included in the on-line SAQA exhibition called "Marking a Passage of Time". The show was curated by Alison Schwabe. The nice slide show of pieces is HERE. My piece (as a detail shot) can be viewed outside the rotating images HERE. having CYBER FYBER, my studio, my art, etc. mentioned in a great blog post about Gallery 80808/Vista Studios' upcoming 20th anniversary show. CLICK HERE to access Tom Starland's article! THANK YOU TOM! being named a 2011 Niche Award finalist in the category of decorative fibers. I'm still not sure what this means, but one of my pieces is supposed to be on display in a booth for the Niche Award finalists in conjunction with the Buyers Market of American Philadelphia...with the "winners" announced on February 18th. The Grovewood Gallery just added a new page to its website for this news! my Leaf Dress being featured as the Halloween post on the Haute Nature: Reuse, Reclaim, Reimagine blog.


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