Friday, November 19, 2010

Loving Memory Of.....and Vista Lights 2010

(Above: At Rest and Milestones, two of my Grave Rubbing Art Quilts, in the 20th anniversary exhibition at Gallery 80808/Vista seen through Charlie Dillingham's ceramic circle of life. Click on image to enlarge.)

Yesterday evening was the 25th annual VISTA LIGHTS art crawl in downtown Columbia. My studio is at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios....which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. The current thirteen resident artists each had two pieces in the show. We invited all previous artists (those who once rented a studio during the past 20 years) to display one of their artworks.

(Above: Pat Callahan's mixed media work beside Milestones....which was Pat's first wedding dress. Click on image to enlarge.)

Without knowing a special significance, the artist hanging the exhibition placed Pat Callahan's piece between my two Grave Rubbing Art Quilts. Pat used to have a studio at Gallery 80808; we became good friends. She gave me the wedding dress!

I loved the various views to the wall on which Pat's and my work hung. Bill Jackson's large metal horse gave the wall drama.

Michel McNinch's seaside oil painting lent a special serenity.

Charlie Dillingham's incredible ceramic circle of life provided a brilliant tunnel through which to see the world beyond. The show looks fantastic!

(Above: LOOKING FOR A MATE, a public sock art quilt project! Click on any image to enlarge.)

My husband Steve manned my studio during the reception. I was up the street at River Runner, the local kayak and canoe shop. River Runner's owner, Guy Jones, has provided me with acrylic felt for about two years. This felt was the substrata for my public art quilt project called LOOKING FOR A MATE. I must have explained the definition of "art quilt" and the concept of recycling material (both "mateless" socks and the felt) a hundred times....but it was fun! The front page newspaper article reminded people to bring their sock donations. Lots of kids got to stitch too.

(Above: My new studio assistant, Sarah, helping a new stitcher!)

Fortunately, I have a brand new studio assistant....Sarah Martin....who really helped out and took most of the photos of this public art quilt project. I've never had a studio assistant before; in fact, I don't personally know an artist who has had one. This is sure to be a learning experience for both of us. Scroll down to see more pictures from LOOKING FOR A MATE! The completed art quilt will be on view during the annual spring art crawl, Artista Vista. It will become the property of the Vista Guild who sponsored the project! The guild even got me on TV last night....part of the evening news!

(Above: Loving Memory Of, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt. Crayon on silk with vintage household linens. Hand and machine embroidery. 24" x 27". Click on image to enlarge.)

In the meantime, I finished and photographed my newest Grave Rubbing Quilt, Loving Memory Of. The rubbing was made using several different tombstones while visiting Nottingham, England. (I blogged about the trip....with photos of the amazing of the most beautiful I've ever visited, HERE!) I am totally in debt to cyber friend Julie for suggesting we meet in this location. I dream of returning to the intricately carved slate with even larger pieces of silk. Fortunately, I have several more rubbing about this size....all of which might get stitched!

(Above: Loving Memory Of, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

The reverse is also special. A local friend is turning her life upside down....selling just about everything she owns and flying off to study photography at a west coast college. She gave me all the "fabric of her life".... including bags of vintage clothing and several pieces of vintage household linens. She hoped to see some of these pieces in my work "one day".... well, Libby, this is the day!

(Above: Loving Memory Of, reverse. Click on image to enlarge.)

The reverse of this art quilt came completely from Libby's stash. Thank you Libby! What's more, the foundation for the quilt I just started was once Libby's drop cloth. It is PERFECT!

Now.... the rest of the images from LOOKING FOR A MATE!


Julie said...

That's a great idea for orphan socks Susan :) I'm sure I've got some somewhere. The grave rubbings from Nottingham are absolutely beautiful and you have captured so much detail. I was delighted to share the day with you in Nottingham, I enjoyed myself and your company so much :) I still haven't done anything with my own grave rubbings!

Wanda said...

Your grave rubbings just get better and better and I didn't think that was possible! Wow! You have a studio assistant? What does she do? Besides make lots of little folks very happy (by the way...there's lots and lots of happiness going on with the Find a Mate project, isn't there?!) I'm sure Libby is thrilled that her stash is being used by someone so creative and wonderful! Just like Pat and her wedding dress. By the way...if you ever find (any) of can have them too! ha ha


Loved this post...if Wanda were there I know she would have cried (happy cry) with all the fun, kids stitching, etc. (and well, because she is Wanda)! The dog on the sock (last photo) looked like LuLu!!