Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stained Glass XXVII...and YOUR HELP NEEDED!

(Above: Faux -Stained Glass XXVII. Framed: 64 1/2" x 24 1/2". Click on image to enlarge.)

I love making these pieces....using a soldering iron and heat gun on polyester stretch velvet....wearing a cool, bug-like ventilator to melt the acrylic felt...and especially having a great reason to create more. The Grovewood Gallery in Asheville just accepted a total of twelve new pieces! (Four "Lancet Windows", four small faux-stained glass pieces called "Windows", two large faux-stained glass pieces similar to this one, and two small "In Box" variations)

(Above: Top quarter of Faux-Stained Glass XXVII. Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

While these free motion machined works keep me busy, I'm still making other art and about to embark on a fantastic installation called:


The installation will include at least five or six wedding veils suspended from the ceiling. On the sheer white netting I'll have free motion machine embroidered collected "statements" about marriage and relationships like....

"We didn't stay married long enough to file joint income tax"

"My mother said to marry a man with a great sense of humor; he'd need it. Laughing for 30 years and counting!" (This is my personal contribution!)

"We drifted so far apart that we filed for divorce on-line"

So....PLEASE LEAVE YOUR STATEMENT(S) AS A COMMENT or email me privately at I won't be using your name...unless you use it in your statement! I need lots of "I DO" and "I DON'T" statements for the veils.

PLUS....I need lots of "post consumer" dry cleaner bags and those little white plastic things that pull off milk and cream containers. These are for my recycled wedding dress that will appear in Runaway Runway 2011 at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC on Friday, April 29th. The wedding dress is already under construction....paper napkins collected at the Three Lions' Pub during the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game....white artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters....etc. Dry cleaner bags and those little white plastic things can be dropped off at my studio....Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street or at Mouse House, 2123 Park Street, Columbia, SC 29201 (or mailed to Mouse House!) Thanks!


Lynn said...

I LOVE YOU WORK! These pieces are exquisite. Susan, may I showcase your work on my blog (one piece) and link people back to your blog so they can see all the wonderful art you make?

I love all these new projects too. The wedding dress sounds fun. Will it be wearable and will you model it for that show?

lynda Howells said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. My statement is..My grandmother told me "Never go to sleep on an arguement". Still go by this saying and 38 years and still going strong. Also...."Laughter makes the love go round and round and round". This was a saying that sort of started when one of us got too tired and not snappy! silly but sweet.xx hope these helpx and l don't mind my name being used. lynda

Stitch1Peta said...

I've been married for 31 years and the two things I always say are
"And they said it will never last."
"I'll never divorce my husband. I'd hate to see him happy"
The last one is a joke.

artymess said...

my Mum always said 'marry in haste ...repent at leisure' I think this is very true ....alsosimilar meaning to Linda's she used to say 'never let the sun set on your anger'....good luck with it ....x

Angelcat said...

Your Stained Glass piece is stunning.

I never really wanted to get married, but now I'm in love with a wonderful man I'd love to be his wife ... but will he ever ask me?

Margeeth said...

I once asked someone why she had married this particular husband and she said:

"Je moet toch met iemand trouwen"
(You just have to marry someone)

EmandaJ said...

Hi Susan, I love the projects you are working on now. My contributions for saying come from a wonderful couple (now in their 90's) who told us, "Work on our marriage every day." And my own personal truth, "I chased him until he caught me."

We're going to celebrate our 20th in April.

Good luck onyour exhibits

Dee's Diary said...

Don't have a saying as such, but...
We got married against all advice when I was 20, and 23 years later are still in love. Sometimes we get asked our secret. There is none. Every day, we each make a choice to stay together. Some days the decision is easy, others less so, but we are always free. That's what keeps it exciting.

Crazy for Art said...

While looking for Mr Right, make sure his first name isn't "Always".

Anonymous said...

I had to go to India to find time to read your blog! So glad I made the trip, your newest info is great, exciting and so interesting!

Thoughts on the gloves...same words on other red glove...but in German!?!?! Just an idea for our family!

As for the marriage quotes, after 23 years with a dark, handsome, foreign man from a land of beauty, tranquility, overwhelming colors and spicy flavors....where I am now and experiencing every waking moment on full 'sensory overload' so much so that it is difficult at times to take it all in, I have learned through him, through his family, his people, their music, their songs and way of life that it is vital to be true to yourself in all things, only then can you be true to others. So with that, together I guess "our" quote, the words which represent our union, our life together... was said by Mohandas Gandhi "Each one has to find his peace from within." In marriage, in life, in all things.

Your sister Sonya...and yes, Mom, I'm going to come home, I promise..don't worry!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I have enjoyed your posts so very much this morning,how talented you are! Very inspirational indeed.