Monday, March 21, 2011


(Above: Decision Banners at Volusia Wrapped in Fibers, Gateway Center for the Arts, DeBary, Florida. Feb. 15 - April 6, 2011. Click on image to enlarge. Photo by Mary McBride.)

I'm always thrilled when work is accepted into juried shows and when invited to sell art at high profile events. I often don't blog about these things though. First, it often feels too much like "bragging"; and, second, I frequently can't attend the openings or don't have time to post photos. Yet, many of these opportunities are simply WONDERFUL!

(Above: Strata VII. Click on image to enlarge.)

So.....Here's a link to The Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics. This important group is hosting the "2011 Leading Women Dinner Reception and Art Sale" on April 1st at 701 Whaley Street. Two of my pieces, Strata VII (above) and Geodes I (below) will be included. The website is currently showing all the artwork and also listing brief bios for each artist. I'm really proud to be part of this...especially since women in the South are so completely under represented in government!

(Above: Geodes I. Click on image to enlarge.)

Now...Here's a link to a great blog post written by Juanita Yerger. This talented fiber artist was able to attend the Volusia Wrapped in Fiber at the Gateway Center for the Arts, DeBary, Florida where I've got three pieces in the show! She wrote all about the exhibition and included the photos below.

(Above: Photos by Juanite Yerger at Volusia Wrapped in Fibers. My Flower Dress, made of artificial flowers from cemetery dumpsters, is in the upper center image. Several others show my Decision Banners. Click on image to enlarge.)

The organizer, Mary McBride, also wrote an email message to the participants in which she said, "My son reported that he tried three times before he could get close enough to see one of the exhibits (The Collector by Susan Lenz) and that while I was out greeting people, the galleries were packed. Everyone was blown away by the quality and sophistication of the work. Susan's other work Decisions was the centerpiece of the exhibition in the main gallery which also drew people into her 40 banners with words floating around their faces - very surreal."

Boy....I wish I could go to this exhibit!


Wanda said...

You are NOT bragging! Be proud!!

lynda Howells said...

Brag away Susan..and shout it LOUDxxx but l do understand because l feel the same way. I suppose we have to find away to manage ourselves better so we can "advertise" ourselves more.xxlynda