Monday, March 14, 2011

Works in progress...and a whole lot of basting!

(Above: Wedding veils with free motion embroidered statements about marriage and divorce....hanging in my studio....waiting to be part of a site-specific installation called I do / I don't, April 28 - 30, 2011. Click on image to enlarge.)

I'm quite excited about this spring's annual art crawl, Artista Vista, April 28 - 30th in downtown Columbia. Of course I'll have work at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. My studio is there. The resident artists have participated in this event for 20 years. In fact, this is the 2oth anniversary. I'll be showing my "Wall of Keys" installation, Endless Life (Grave Rubbing art quilt), and Genius (a sock art miniature quilt). There's no link for the "Wall of Keys" because I've only shown it once before. That was in Charleston last fall. I'm arranging it differently....with the express purpose of getting good photographs of it.

My Looking For a Mate public art quilt and its prototypes are also going to be on view....though the exact location hasn't yet been determined. Yet, the excitement for me is all wrapped up in a site-specific installation called I do / I don't.

(Above: Six wedding veils with free motion embroidered statements about marriage and divorce....hanging in my studio....waiting to be installed in an installation called I do / I don't. Click on image to enlarge.)

I've recently finished six of the veils. I've got five more to stitch. Thus, if you haven't submitted your "statement" and if you're reading this message within a week of this blog post's date, please email me at (For example: We filed for divorce on-line; I married my best friend; Never go to sleep on a fight; Marry in haste....Repent at leisure.)

(Above: Detail of free motion embroidery on wedding veils. Click on image to enlarge.)

All the stitching was done on one-inch strips of Mokuba's water soluble "free lace"/stabilizer. I'm also planning to display the submitted statements in other forms. The location has yet to be finalized....but my fingers are crossed that the intended place works out. It is absolutely interior with high ceilings; ornate, gilted/Rococo wall treatments; built in mirrors; parqueted floors; and track lighting! If it works out, there will be both "before" and "after" installation shots!

Over the weekend I spent one full day BASTING! It is hard to believe that this simple task takes so much time....but it does!

I started out with a really big piece of recycled white felt. Believe it or not, this was packaging material for some sort of canoe or kayak while being shipped to River Runner, the local outdoors store here in Columbia.

I actually stapled the felt to the floor in the atrium of Gallery 80808/Vista Studios and pinned down my two large grave rubbings. The first bit of basting was done while still stapled to the floor. My friend Jeff Donovan (whose studio door is open in the back....near his adorable dog Nugget) took this photo. (It can be clicked for an enlargement)

One of the main reasons that I seem to be so prolific is due to my husband Steve.....who cooks and cleans! This was the backyard scene I returned to after a long Sunday in the studio! I am one lucky stitcher!


Angela said...

The wedding veils are looking beautiful.

p.s. Where can I get a 'Steve' from ??? :)

Wanda said...

Awesome veils Susan. And so great that you have so much space to do what you need to do. are a SAINT!! Wanna come over and visit me?

lynda Howells said...

Beautiful workx We are lucky aren't we..l have a wonderful husband called Tony, who does the cooking etc so l can paint and sew. I am very jealous of your space but glad you have it so you can produce such amazing work. oh and hope you had an amazing time with your son over here in UK.xlynda