Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Postcard Show: Wish You Were Here

(Above: Memory, a postcard. 4" x 6". Crayon on silk grave rubbings. Hand and free motion machine embroidery. Click on image to enlarge.)

The first fiber postcards I ever made were for an international show that I mounted here in Columbia. It was called CYBER FYBER and it took place in January 2009. I made and traded over 400 fiber postcards and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) ... and I haven't made a single one since then ... until I read about The Postcard Show: Wish You Were Here.

Skirt Magazine in Charleston, SC is hosting this exhibit and one-night sale of postcards to benefit their scholarship fund for the College of Charleston. I made the postcard above, submitted it for consideration, and was just accepted. The coolest thing about the show is that each postcard will cost $75 but the artist's name will only appear on the reverse side ... which will not be seen during the event. Thus, many of Charleston's "big name" artists will have work available in this small format but buyers not be able to know exactly which piece was done by which artist. Of course, I'm not a household name in Charleston's art scene and I doubt whether many people in the city read my blog ... so ... no harm showing which one is mine!

The event is on Wednesday, May 11th from 6 - 8 with a $10 admission fee. I'm planning on attending.


michelle said...

beautiful! I've always loved grave rubbings, a connections with the past. What a wonderful way to bring them into the quilt/art world!

Lynn said...

Have fun and I hope you sell....I think I'd recognize yours! I'd wish for a stained glass one though! LOL


I think you are a household name in Charleston!