Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ophelia ... Time lapse video by Heather Bauer

(Above: Photo taken by Molly Harrell during the performance art piece Ophelia.)

People are posting their photos of my "performance art" piece, Ophelia on Facebook. I'm collecting them and will create a Flickr! album soon ... but ... one of the very best ways to appreciate the project was taken by collaborator Heather Bauer. It is a 1:39 long video ... a time lapse of approximately 45 minutes of shooting! The music is incredibly perfect too. (Thanks Heather!) It can be seen on Facebook HERE ... where there's an option of watching with a high quality resolution ... and a larger format. For those not on Facebook, however, I've put it on my "video blog". Just click HERE to access!


Cynthia Nicole said...

I love this!

Wanda said...

Yes, the video on facebook is not available any longer but on your video blog it's there. I loved watching this video! Time lapse fascinates me as well. What were the people doing in with you? There's someone in a blue skirt. It sort of looked like she was arranging something in the tub. I loved the reaction of the people outside....some showed a "double take"! And you could see how the weather changed as well. This is really neat!

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to hear the comments of the people outside the window!