Saturday, July 23, 2011

Key West ... a March 2012 residency!

(Above: The Armory Building at The Studios at Key West ... a place with which I'll become comfortable during my March 2012 residency! I've been selected to occupy the Ashe Street studio and give a workshop on heat activated processes on March 8th ... in this building!)

Before leaving the MacNamara Foundation in October 2008, I knew I'd want the experience of an artist residency program again. I've applied to many since then. Vermont Studio Center has twice offered partial scholarships ... but the remaining fee is still too high for me to consider. I was "wait listed" last year at Caldera. (I've applied again!) Mostly, I've been rejected. The competition for these programs is fierce; the talent pool is deep; plus ... it takes time and an application fee to apply.

Several months ago I was thrilled to learn I'd finally been accepted for one ... Hot Springs National Park! They only accepted four artists this year! I leave on August 3rd ... after cramming everything I think I might need into the car. My residency officially starts the following Sunday and runs through September 4th. My only obligation is to leave them a piece of artwork. Otherwise, this is a "gift of time". Time to make art and find new sources of inspiration. I'M SO EXCITED! I've already got more projects lined up than I can possibly do ... and I have to leave room in my days there to soak up the unique atmosphere. I need to be open to new ideas, new insights, and new directions for my work.

Before even getting to Hot Springs, I know I'll want to experience yet another residency program after it is over ... and I WILL! I was just accepted for a March residency at The Studios at Key West (TSKW ... They accepted 25 artists this year ... from five different countries!) I have positively, absolutely, most assuredly wanted to drive to the "center of the world" ... the bohemian, independent Couch Republic ... the Hemingway House with its 60+ polydactyl (6-toed) cats ... and soak up the atmosphere that only an island steeped in history can provide. The Studios of Key West is located right in the middle of "Old Town" ... within a few blocks of the historic cemetery and walking distance of ... EVERYTHING! I'm over the moon with excitement! Who knows into what all the opportunities for creative growth will bud! In exchange for this amazing "gift of time", I will conduct a one-day workshop and also head up another "Looking for a Mate" sock art quilt project! What fun!

(Below: Photos of the Armory Building ... now the hub of TSKW)


Julie said...

How fantastic! I am very happy for you Susan, congratulations on both residencies and the icing on the cake, a cemetery close by at Key West. Have a great time through August.

Graça said...

Hi, Susan!

I'm very, very content to meet you and this blog! Your produtions and works are wonderful!
I'll return eyes are 'full of grace' now!!
Thank you!
Graça Lacerda

Anonymous said...

We've always wanted to visit Key West! Can we come too? Congrads! Mom and Dad

underatopazsky said...

That sounds wonderful - the gift of time to work on art is so valuable. I would love the chance to do that. Some day perhaps...