Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stitch, stitch, stitch!

(Above: Detail of Anonymous, a Grave Rubbing Art Quilt. Click on image to enlarge. Work in progress.)

Hot Springs National Park is inspiring and I’m hard at work. Every day sees the completion of a new chiffon banner covered in free motion embroidered epitaphs and a couple dozen or so pages in The Book of Death. I’ve also started a small art quilt (approximately 26” x 25”) based on WATER. After all, it is the water that makes this national park so unique. The average temperature when it bubbles up from the ground is 143 degrees and it is pure … absolutely perfectly pure, colorless, odorless, hot water. Hopefully there will be photos tomorrow.

(Above: A ball of "cord" made by free motion zigzag stitching over five or six strands of yarn. This is the first step in making one of my fiber vessels. Click on image to enlarge.)

I’ve also decided to create a fiber vessel. My intention is to make a three dimensional work abstractly representing the forty-three “springs” … which are actually all covered here … protected … although there are a few “display springs” and an exhibition window to one in the basement of the National Park Headquarters (The Fordyce Bathhouse Museum).

(Above: Anonymous on the living room sofa at Hot Springs National Park's "artist-in-residence" house. Click on image to enlarge.)

Every night I’m also stitching on Anonymous, the Grave Rubbing Art Quilt designed to stitch in public … which I will be doing this coming Saturday from 1 – 5 in the Fordyce Bathhouse lobby. Thus far, the tiny vintage embroidered pieces along the edge are completely finished … all 125+ of them. I’m over halfway done with the “crazy stitching” on and around the vintage pieces that surround the child’s slip with the grave rubbing. Hours and hours to go … no problem finishing with nothing to do in public! Stitch, stitch, stitch! This is a "month of Sundays" dream come true!


Lynn said...

Susan that ball of yarn is most interesting. Your imagination boggles MY mind! I am excited to see how you create a vessel or vessels with this.

The tiny pieces of old embroidered peices sewn together make the loveliest of frames for your gravestone words.

I'd love to be there to see the reactions and hear the comments of the people wandering through. And how nice for you to be able to get immediate feedback on your art works completed and in process.

Julie said...

It is fascinating to see all your threads laid out on the table and that beautiful Grave Rubbing Quilt on the settee. I have so many of these beautiful antique embroideries here now and would love to be able to use them in a project as you have. Could you use some more of these embroideries in future projects?

Wanda said...

Is it part of your contract to stitch in public? I love the idea..the picture in the previous post really shows why. And it's so bright and sunny where you sit! I think this residency has really accompli8shed what it set out to do...free you from normal life and just create art. You sure are using this gift, the wonderful opportunity to its fullest. This residency is quite different from your last one...where you were with other people. Oh, I know you weren't joined at the hips but there in Arkansas you seem to be more ...in your own private world. What a dream come true!