Wednesday, January 04, 2012

NYC ... We we come!

(Above: Birch in Snow with friends Nancy Chambers and Kim Bendillo. Click on image to enlarge.)

Yesterday I posted Birch in Snow on this blog ... and realized that I didn't have a photo that clearly indicated the size of this piece. Sure, I listed the measurements ... but that doesn't always help. Fortunately two friends stopped by my studio last night and posed for this photo! Thanks Nancy and Kim!

Tomorrow Steve and I are off for a long weekend in NYC. Our elder son Mathias and his girlfriend Laura-Jane are already there. They just finished a run of The Nutcracker with Birmingham Royal Ballet in London's O2 arena. We can't wait to see them!


Nancy Chambers said...

This work of art is a beautiful sparkling image of falling snow flakes which are gracefully descending thru the winter trees.

Lynn said...

Really beautiful Susan.
Have a wonderful visit in NYC!!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Wonderful! I love your work. COngrats also - just saw you in QA magazine, didn't I?
stitching in Saskatoon

Gabriela said...


lynda Howells said...

Have a great time and tell them l thought they were great in The Nutcracker suitexxxxxlynda

dany said...

Beautiful!, I like your quilt. I'm italian quilter and saqa member.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Very lovely piece. May the new year be full of inspiration.
best from Tunisia,