Friday, March 16, 2012

Exploring Key West and NEW WORK!

(Above: Lancet Window XVIII. 28" x 8". Polyester velvet, recycled acrylic felt, free motion embroidery and melting. Click on this and any other image in this post to enlarge.)

It is hard to believe that I'm already at the midway point of this fabulous art residency. There are so many places I still want to visit and so many project on which to work. The entire island is a creative, magical paradise. I'm torn every day between studio time and "Key West" time.

Because I have a bicycle (graciously provided by The Studios of Key West), I am able to ride through places like Zachery Taylor State Park. The beaches there are amazing colors and the Civil War era fort is in great repair.

From the fort I watched one of two giant cruise ships pull into the harbor not far away.

During a recent afternoon, I ventured into the local aquarium. It was a great experience. Five different rescued sea turtles call the place home.

A guide fed the adult sting rays and the tank of nurse shark.

Do you think they really need the "no hands" sign?

This morning I rode around the airport which sits at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. A powerful rain burst totally drenched me ... but the sun came out and I was totally dry by the time I got back to the residency cottage to work!

(Above: Lancet Window XVII.)

Yes, I have been working! In fact, I've finished another four Lancet Windows! All these photos were taken using the marble bathroom floor as a background! This truly is "heaven".

(Above: Lancet Window XVI.)

Last night was "Walk on White", the third Thursday art crawl for the galleries along White Street. The Studios of Key West are located on White Street and dozens of people came through my studio/living space to visit. It was great.

(Above: Lancet Window XV)

Tonight there's a concert: "Vienna in Paradise" with Herbert Weissberg, former principal flutist with the Vienna Symphony playing with Heinz Medjimorec on the piano (Haydin Trio) and Peter Siakala on cello (Vienna Symphony). Am I going! OF COURSE! Better get dressed up. It's in a half hour!


Roberta said...

They are gorgeous. I wish I could see them in person! Glad you are enjoying yourself! If you get out to hear any other music be sure to be on the look out for my friend Skipper Kripitz. He plays all over town (drums)!

Karen Christensen said...

Key West looks like a fantastic place to do a residency. I can imagine how hard it has to be to stay in the studio sometimes! All your work is beautiful and so moving. I must confess that I really like your Lancet Window XVIII! There is such femininity to it! Is that something that just 'happened' or was that your intent? Either way it is an amazing work!

Wanda said...

I too like the XVIII. It think because it looks like feathers. Not to say that I am heavily into feathers but, well, just like that one the best at the moment. Because they each have their own 'feel' to them, I think my mood would pick the favorite of the moment. They are beautiful, Susan. And so are your pictures of your adventures there. What an awesome picture of the turtle! and the landscape!! Well, maybe it is all so beautiful that ALL the pictures HAVE to be great because everyplace you look is wonderful. Yes, the colors are awesome. There isn't any 'down time' there, is there? Well, you can sleep when you get home. ha ha Yeah...right.

Julie said...

Half way already?! That came round so quickly! I hope you enjoyed the music last night. The skyscape is stunning, how wonderful to be so close to the sea and to have so much 'me' time ( heavily disguised as work time).