Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jasper Magazine ... COVER GIRL!

(Cover of Jasper Magazine ... This link will navigate you to the on-line issue ... Vol. 001, No. 004 ... March/April 2012.)

I've known this was coming and I really hated missing the magazine's launch party last week ... but at least today's mail brought the new issue of Jasper Magazine! My work is the cover and the magazine carries a great article with a most amazing photo of me! (I usually hate photos of me ... but I guess a real professional like Mark Green knows how to shoot even people like me with a squinting eye and a lop-sided smile!)

(The page directly behind the cover!)

The cover is bright pink (Women's History Month!) and includes a section that appears like a hole ... with a view to the page directly behind it .... Time, my new 3D assemblage piece! What a way to debut a new series than to have a work on the cover of an arts magazine!

(Page One of the article. Click on image to enlarge and read!)

The article is great too ... thanks to a lovely interview with Susan Levi Wallach.
Opposite the first page of the article is ...

...this incredible photo of me in a "nest" of my own yarn, fabric, and thread! It was taken on the floor outside my studio door at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios ... same location where the magazine hosted a party last week.

(Above: Photo from the Jasper Magazine launch party at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios ... found on my Facebook page! Sorry I missed you all!)

When turning the page, one sees my Spool Cradle and the second page of the article!

(Above: Page Two of the article. Click on image to enlarge and read!)
THANK YOU Susan Levi Wallach, Cindi Boiter, Mark Green, and the entire staff at Jasper Magazine for making this possible! Thank you to my husband Steve for sending a copy via priority mail! Yes, this is a PRIORITY!)


Nellie's Needles said...

WOW! Congrats! Plus, that is truly a great photo of you ... it portrays the beauty within you.

EmandaJ said...

Fan-damn-tastic! Congratulations!

I'm going to have to go back and read the article, but the photos are gorgeous and you look "ma-velous"


I TOTALLY LOVE your article! Great Job! Fantastic photo of YOU!


Congrats on getting the COVER!

Els said...

Aha ! That's really something Susan !!!
What a lovely picture of you in your cloth-nest, a wonderful idea for a portrait !
I think you now get a reward for your inspirational artwork ! Lots more people will see it, congratulations !

Karen Christensen said...

So exciting!! And WOW such a great photo of you as well. Congrats Susan on the cover - well deserved!

Lynn said...

Great article. Congrats! You told it like it is! Proud of you!!!

Gutzy Lady life drawing model!

Beautiful person posed on top of piles of fabrics and treads!

Love the herstory heard here!

Love reading about all your accomplishments in the ART world!

Doris said...

That is a great pic of you! Very nice... layout, cover, all of it! Congrats!

imac said...

I learned something about you from the article :-) The photo is fabulous and Nellie is right, your inner beauty shines out. What a great article and so well deserved.

Connie Akers said...

Great article. Great picture of you and great new piece. You are a Rock Star.

Elizabeth said...

How very wonderful and so well deserved!!! You are your own worst critic you know!!!!

Wanda said...

I too loved the article! It is so well written. Nothing rushed or urgent. Really great. Yes, I think the picture is great too! I agree with Connie ARE A ROCK STAR. Ok...I have no idea what that really means but it sounds so cool!