Friday, March 09, 2012

Workshop Success ... and new faux-stained glass!

(Above: HOT, my workshop at The Studios of Key West. Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

Yesterday was one of the most wonderful fiber arts teaching experiences I've ever had. The Studios of Key West is more than adequately prepared to transform the main exhibition area into just about any configuration needed for a workshop, a concert, an art show, or anything else!

It is simply amazing to have more tables, better lighting, and all the electrical outlets one might need on hand. SPACIOUS ... and miraculously accommodating! The participants were equally skilled, eager to make art, and fearless with my soldering irons, sewing machine, and all the materials I brought. Basically ... we all had a blast!

Martha Barnes introduced me ... and then we were off and running ... stitching and ironing ... making all sort of fiber arts until past 3 PM. Martha's adorable dog must spend hours surrounded by quality artwork ... and now is quite the expert! I've got a video (which I might post later). The tail is wagging with excitement.

(Above: Completed work on my residency bedroom floor!)

Today I went to the Hemingway House, the Green Parrot Bar, and Lucky Street Gallery. I'll post an entry from the Hemingway House tomorrow. It was quite an emotional experience ... the sort of collision of "longing to visit a special place" with actually "being in that location", of historic ghosts still lingering in our collective imagination, and of beauty ... lots of beauty. (Also ... of cats, six toed ancestors of a literary legend's favorite pets.)

(Above: Lancet Window XI.)

I've also been working, creating my own artwork in the form of three Lancet Windows. Each one is approximately 28" x 8". I photographed them on the white marble bathroom floor ... a well lit space but in even shadows ... hand held the camera. So these aren't the greatest photos ... but they'll have to do! I'm almost finished with the next piece too!

(Above: Lancet Window XII.)

(Above: Lancet Window XIII.)

By this evening, my former workshop space was totally transformed into a concert hall for Darrell Scott, a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter with a #1 album. As an artist-in-residence, I was more than happy to attend. What a place!


Roberta said...

Glad you are enjoying my old stomping grounds. Don't forget to eat at the Half Shell Raw Bar. (I used to wait tables there)

I love those new pieces. The colors as well as the airiness are a wonderful contrast in textures.....beautiful as always.

Wanda said...

Your windows are exquisite. Absolutely gorgeous. You are so busy busy there but it is obvious that your creative juices are a'flowing! Your workshop looks absolutely wonderful! Everyone seems to be so happy and relaxed and so into the fact that that was a time to learn, create and make art. Great stuff, Susan. You going to a concert just to go to a fundraising, no networking, no supporting of anything..just to GO...well, that sounds totally cool! You go girl!!