Monday, April 09, 2012

Meet the Designers, Columbia Museum of Art

(Above: The Recycled Bridal Party now on view at "Meet the Designers" in the Columbia Museum of Art. Click on photos to enlarge.)

The Columbia Design League is an affiliate organization at The Columbia Museum of Art. Their biggest annual event and fund raiser is called Runaway Runway, a funky fashion show of recycled garments. My first time entering was in 2010 with a dress created entirely from artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters. Last year I created a recycled bridal party ... bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid, and flower girl. This year's event is on April 21st and I'M READY with a 2-piece garment made from black felt covered with white shirt buttons. The black felt used to be packaging material for a kayak or canoe when being shipped from manufacturer to local retailer/distributor. The buttons were salvaged from the floor of the former South Carolina State Mental Hospital.

In anticipation of this fashion extravaganza, the Columbia Museum of Art hosted an invitational exhibit called "Meet the Designers". It is on the second floor, just a few feet from the Chihuly chandelier that hangs over the first floor lobby. I'm so honored!

(Above: Recycled Bridal Party, Chihuly chandelier, and officers from the Columbia Design League selling tickets to this year's Runaway Runway during the reception for "Meet the Designers".)

(Reception for "Meet the Designers" at The Columbia Museum of Art.)

The reception was last Friday night. Only about 110 people showed up ... but it was Good Friday! The show will stay on view through June 3rd so lots of people will actually see it. The photo above includes my husband Steve (far left) and Guy Jones (beside Steve). Guy Jones is the owner of River Runner, the local outdoor sports shop from which I acquire the black felt. I've been using it for years. It is the substrata for all my "In Box" and "Faux-stained glass" pieces. It is the "batting" for almost all my Grave Rubbing Art Quilts. Two other designers are also using this black felt for Runaway Runway this year.

(Above: Recycled Maid of Honor, right, and Bridesmaid, left. Please note, the fashion show "number" is still attached to one of the garments!)

Heidi Darr-Hope is one of the Columbia Design League's officers. Her studio is next to mine at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. She was helping Deana Rennick put the finishing touches on her "Marilyn" dress made of used plastic cups.

(Above: The Real Housewives of Crystal Pines at "Meet the Designers".)

Some of the fashion show entries are collaborative efforts. A group of women from Crystal Pines created one of my favorite garments last year. Like me, their work was selected for the museum exhibit.

The blue gown on the left was made by "The Real Housewives of Crystal Pines". The one on the far right was made by Kirkland Smith, another artist with studio space at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios.

Another "favorite" was the Juicy Fruit dress ... which matched the Chihuly beautifully. I can't wait for the fashion show! Lots of photos are coming ... and a surprise or two!


Wanda said...

GREAT dresses! These are getting better and better every year!!

NM_Creatrix said...

Great ideas! Love them all...