Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Weekend before last! (I'm a little behind in my blogging!)

(Above: At Runaway Runway. My model Felicia Finney and me! Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

April is an insane month for art events here in Columbia, South Carolina. April 21st was particularly crazy. On that Saturday my home/business, Mouse House, participated in the Elmwood Park Tour of Homes. My "home studio" was also part of Open Studios. That night was the annual Columbia Design League sponsored Runaway Runway fashion show of recycled garments ... including one of my designs. My sister Sonya and two of her friends flew in for the weekend festivities. Talk about busy!

(Above: Sonya and I posing in front of My Bluegrass Roots I, II, and III ... work depicting our great grandfather Max Emil Oswald (original photo ca. 1896), our great-great grandmother Carolina Amelia Phillips Oswald (original photo ca. 1924), and our third cousin (? ... Grandma Baker's first cousin!) with a girl he never actually married, Mary Rollings (ca. 1928).

On Friday night we attended an art opening and checked out my studio at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios ... where my trio of art quilts were already hanging for Artista Vista, the annual art crawl in downtown Columbia.

Sunday was a continuation of Open Studios. On Monday, my husband Steve and I flew to Munich for a week ... which we spent with another sister, Wanda, her husband Reinhard, and my parents.

(Above: Mathias as Puck! This photo actually came from the BRB touring blog ... last year ... from a performance in Japan ... but it shows the same principal cast and costumes!)

The "excuse" for this overseas adventure was Birmingham Royal Ballet's performances with the Bavarian Ballet Festival. My elder son Mathias, a soloist, was first cast as Puck in The Dream (aka Midsummer Night's Dream).

(Above: Mouse House ... a uniquely zoned, downtown historic property. We are legally a business downstairs and officially a residence upstairs.)

So ... I got a little behind on my blogging and it is now time to catch up!

(Above: The Elmwood Tour sold ticket on our front porch and the cats greeted visitors.)

First ... The Elmwood Tour of Homes was fantastic! Both our cats seemed to know their presence was needed as unofficial greeters. Max practically insists that people pet him. Shadow waited at the door. She knows she's beautiful and people will gush over her.

(Above: Guests on the Elmwood Tour of Homes and/or Open Studios in the "gallery" area of Mouse House.)

We had a friend's daughter inside the front door for a more "human" introduction. She also collected zip codes which was required for Open Studios. This information is used for the hosting organization to qualify for tourist generating grants. I was glad for the help because it freed me to talk about my work, my studio, etc. I stayed on the ground level.

(Above: My sister Sonya, her dog Lulu, Stephanie and Karey ... providing entertainment and music for guests!)

Upstairs my husband, sister, and her friends provided light refreshments, music, and more conversation.

But the animals stole the show! Shadow kept chasing after Lulu's ribbon lease!

The two seemed to get along very well. Now ... please note THE SHOES! These are Sonya's. She loaned them to me for the evening because they looked great with the dress she brought me from India! Yup! It's a designer gown and totally unbelievable. I still can't believe it is mine.

(Above: Sonya with the Barkin' Bag ... an obvious twist on the elite Hermes Birkin bag. Lulu is comfortably inside dressed in a harness that matches Felicia's outfit of course.)

Obviously I was thrilled to have my sister for the weekend and happy she brought friends to admire all my art and overwhelmed by the metallic knit dress ... but there was another reason for Sonya's visit. She was literally bringing another "model" ... Lulu! The over-sized tote was made from used tyvek and bubble-wrap mailing envelops, paint, and buttons from the South Carolina State Mental Hospital. It was designed for Lulu ... who stayed with Sonya in style at the local Sheraton!

(Lulu on the luxury pet bedding at the Sheraton ... which was featured on the Sheraton website ... HERE!)

(Above: Felicia Finney and me at Runaway Runway.)

So ... here we are backstage! Felicia is wearing black felt recycled from the local outdoor shop. The felt once was packaging material from a kayak and canoe manufacturer shipping vessels to distributors. It is covered in shirt buttons salvaged from the floor of the former South Carolina State Mental Hospital's vacant laundry and alterations building. My gown ... well ... AWESOME ... and, yes, I do have on a nude colored spandex slip!

So ... on to the show! Runaway Runway is now held in the Township Auditorium. The catwalk is raised and lit. The stage includes two giant sized screens that project close-up views to the models on the runway. There's an MC and spotlights, the press, and Lady Chablis in the lobby greeting guests. It is a wild night with incredible designs.

I've created a video of Felicia on the runway. (It was actually shot by my wonderful husband Steve!) Click HERE to see it!

One of my favorite garments was created by Jasper Magazine ... using pages of various issues ... including the one with my Spool Cradle. Check it out ... enlarge the photo below!

I shot plenty of photos of various garment. They are below. Even though Felicia and I didn't win anything, we had a great time. Scroll down for more images!



A great re-cab of a FANTASTIC weekend! Thank you so much!

Gayle said...

So cool to get to see all those "recycled" dresses.....

Julie said...

You look fabulous in your dress and your Open Studio event sounds very successful too. Your furry friends were the stars of the day! Thanks for a very entertaining update. Have fun in the UK!

Wanda said...

It seems like you were just here and yet, it also feels like it was long ago. You had such a busy April, that's for sure. I know your May schedule was just as jammed packed. I hope everything is going good. We so enjoyed your visit. We packed alot into those 6 days you were here as well AND you guys did even more! I can't keep up with you but I can watch while you run.

Gabriela said...

What a fabulous show!!!!