Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Day at work in Studios Midwest!

(Above: Studio space at Studios Midwest. Click on any image to enlarge.)

On Sunday I took Mathias to the Peoria Airport. He's now in Pennsylvania with my parents and other family members ... having a great time and a Mexican fiesta party last time. (My sister Sonya sent me text messages, photos, and even a video ... so I stitched in my new surroundings last night while enjoying a virtual Margarita!)

Later that day Genevieve Waller moved her things out of the provided studio space and I moved into it. Thus, yesterday, Monday, was my first official day of working at Studios Midwest. I started sorting all the bags of vintage crochet, lace, and linens. By the end of the day, all the bags were empty and in various piles all over the floor! By evening, I continued stitching on the grave rubbing art quilt I brought with me.

Before unloading my things into this space, however, I swept the floor and noticed the colorful blotches of paint and collage work over the cement. I couldn't help but to take photos ... abstractions.

I have several ideas for these images ... which are this vivid because I'm exploring various options on my camera not because I altered them in Photoshop! Great fun! Great practice ... and a great reason for a residency program. Such opportunities afford time to explore hair-brained ideas like photographing a floor! I'll be blogging more as the days unfold in this residency ... so check back soon!


Steve said...

Nice photos. They look like color-enhanced high-altitude photos of the earth

Lynn said...

Excited about your new place to work, and what fun arty discoveries ON THE FLOOR!!! I know you will do something very exciting with them.

Margaret said...

What wonderful texture in the photographs! Looking forward to the resulting stitching...as I am sure there'll be some!

Ann Hite said...

You so inspire me. I'm sitting here moaning about commitments I need to keep today and thinking I should do what Susan has done. Find that writing retreat. Guess what I already have Hambidge in North Georgia. If I apply right now, I might make it in the mid-feb-April time slot. That would be perfect. I placing a link here because they accept all mediums of art, including writers. It's beautiful and quiet. http://www.hambidge.org/index.html Take care and have fun. Know you inspire me to stay at the page. ;)