Thursday, December 13, 2012

England in December

 (Above:  Me at Windsor Castle.  Click on any image in this post for an enlargement.)

Last week was a whirlwind trip to England.  Steve left on Monday, went to Brighton for a day, saw Mathias, our elder son, in his debut performance as THE PRINCE in Birmingham Royal Ballet's Cinderella in the Wednesday matinee, and met me at the train station on Thursday midday.

(Above:  New Street in Birmingham, UK with the German Christmas Market in full swing.)

Yes, it is December ... Christmas time ... a month when we both really can't leave Mouse House for an entire week.  So, I left on Wednesday.  Mere words can't quite describe the pride we felt watching Mathias in his royal role.  Suffice it to say, I didn't breath during a one-arm lift and tears leaked down my cheeks.  It was simply beautiful, a dream come true ... his dream!  We're just the shell-shocked parents who clap really, really hard during curtain calls!

When not watching ballet, we really enjoyed the German Christmas Market at Victoria Square ... which spills down New Street and also onto Board Street.  It was so much fun to see business people and holiday shoppers all enjoying half-meter bratwurst with pints of beer at lunchtime ... and again for dinner.  We even did a little shopping ... something I rarely do ... but even I can't resist English soaps and hand blown ornaments.  

(Above:  Textile piece by Jacqueline Lawrence.)

We also ventured to the Barber Institute of Fine Art, a wonderful art gallery on the Birmingham University campus.  The place is first rate.  Both the permanent displays and the temporary exhibitions were great.  The "learning room" on the second floor advertised Inspired by Lace, a small solo show by Jacqueline Lawrence.  The signs read that it opened on December 14th ... which is actually tomorrow ... but it was obviously available for viewing and I liked the work and concept very much. 

(Above:  Windsor Castle.)

Before flying home, we also went to Windsor Castle.  IT WAS WONDERFUL.  I am almost glad that photography wasn't permitted inside as I might still be there.  Still, we took plenty of photos this trip.  They are now on Flickr!  HERE or as a SLIDESHOW.   Now ... back to work!


Elizabeth said...

So glad you had such a good time and that Mathias made it thru that single arm lift, the ballerina too!!! Happy Christmas!!

Christine said...

I did not know it was your son. He is most excellent and deserves congratulations. I shall look out for him next time I go to the Hippodrome to see the RB!

We were also up the market that morning / afternoon. Taking photos of the BullRing bull!!!

Christine said...

I hope you don't mind but I included a link to your post ......... smashing photos.

wholly jeanne said...

You packed a lot of fun into that short trip. Congratulations to Mathias. Love your sweater/jacket.

Lynda Howells said...

So glad you were there to seeyour son's dream come trruex glad you enjoyed my country even in december!Haxxlynda
ps. next come perhaps you could ventue to see london again and my studioxx would love to meet youxxlynda

Wanda said...

I am so happy that the ballet was awesome! I am so proud of him! He must be in seventh heaven! I know you think you don't have time for things like this sometimes but this is EXACTLY what you have time for! This is what matters.

Louise Jackson said...

Hi There,

I see that you visited the Jacqueline Lawrence exhibition in Birmingham! I love the photo you have attached. I am unable to attend this exhibition and was wondering if you have any more photographs that you took? I am a final year student at university and I study textile design. My major project is going to be inspired by lace and this show would be great to include within my research. Hope you can help.

My email is:

Thank you,