Friday, May 17, 2013

ARIZONA ... Here we come!

(Above:  Epitaph Banner Installation as seen in Rocky Mount's Imperial Center, January 2012.  This installation is now headed to to an invitational fiber show called Shifting Threads at Artlink's Auer Center for Arts and Culture in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Click on image to enlarge.)

Later this afternoon Steve and I are flying to Phoenix in order to attend the reception for my solo show, Decision Portraits, at Vision Gallery in Chandler.  I'm very excited.  This will be the first time almost all the work will be displayed out of the frames with signage that includes the entire "behind-the-scene" story for each one.  I will take lots of photos for this blog!  Vision Gallery has also installed an iSnap.

What's an iSnap?  Well ... from their website:  iSnap is a social network of people sharing and viewing photos snapped at events and venues all over the world. iSnap connects people to the things they like to do and places they love to visit. Photos are shared from iSnap photo stations installed in interesting places by people who want to share the moment! 

(Above:  An iSnap station.)

From what I understand, people coming to see the Decision Portrait exhibit will have the opportunity to sign one of my model's releases and have this iSnap take their photo ... sending it directly to me along with their email address and a brief statement about their personal decision.  If this works out, I'm planning to create a unique book called Vision Decisions.  Now, how cool is that? !!!

(Above:  Dropping off boxes of artwork headed to exhibits!  Thumbs up FedEx Ground!)

Before leaving, I had to package a lot of artwork up and mail it out.  My recently finished piece, An Artful Journey, went via the USPS and is on its way to Dale Rollerson in Perth, Australia.  The big Penske box in the photo above contains my Epitaph Banner Installation, I Do / I Don't Installation, and Ancestors.  It is headed to an invitational fiber show called Shifting Threads in Artlink's Auer Center for Art and Culture in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I'm really excited about this opportunity ... especially since the director found my work via my website and blog!  I love the Internet!  (I also love the guys at FedEx office who always help and ask about my artwork!)

(Above:  I Do / I Don't Installation as seen during Install-It 2011 in Columbia, South Carolina. Click on image to enlarge.)

Believe it or not, all these wedding veils, the "tie-the-knot" ribbons ...

(Above:  Epitaph Banner Installation in Rocky Mount, 2012.  Click on image to enlarge.)

... all these chiffon banners and their 19" dowels ...

(Above:  Ancestors, wrapped and embellished wooden spools with thumbnail reproduction family photos on the ends.  Click on image to enlarge.)

... and two fiber vessels full of wrapped and stitched wooden spools ....

ALL FIT INTO THAT ONE BOX and it only weighed twenty pounds!

(Above:  The reverse of Texting From the Grave.  Click on image to enlarge.)

Two of the other boxes are headed to the same place, the SAQA exhibition shipping center in Solon, Ohio.  Since they are headed to two different SAQA exhibitions, they had to travel separately.  The piece above is Texting From the Grave.  It was accepted into the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) traveling show called Text Messages. After it was accepted, emails were sent requesting artists NOT to show "full frontal images" on their blogs and/or website.  Of course, I already had done this ... so I had to alter that blog post.  It is HERE.  All images showing the full, front were replaced with a cool photo from a cemetery and the promise that the blog post will be resurrected when permitted.   Of course, there is nothing in such a rule that says I can't show the back of the work!

(Above:  Lift and Tuck.  Click on image to enlarge.)

In the other box headed to Solon, Ohio is Lift and Tuck.  I'll see it next at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England this August.  I'm quite excited to be going to this event.  (By the way, there was no request asking that the work NOT be on a blog or website.  I don't know why one has such an issue and the other exhibition doesn't.)

I have two links to share!  CLICK HERE to read an article about The Decision Portraits in the Arizona Central newspaper.  Also ... I had no idea that Two Hours at the Beach was selected for an on-line SAQA virtual show curated by Cynthia Wenslow called Tesserae.  I found this when visiting the SAQA website confirming the shipping center's address!  The photo of my work is HERE ... it is sideways, but it is there nonetheless!  (It isn't sideways in the slideshow ... but a "good composition" should look good from every angle!)

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