Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Another Stained Glass piece, a package from California, and a trip to the UK!

(Above:  Stained Glass XLVII, detail.  Unframed:  56" x 16"; Framed 64" x 24".  Polyester stretch velvets, previously painted Wonder Under/Bond-a-Web, chiffon scarves, metallic foil, cotton thread.  Self-guided free-motion machine embroidery and melting techniques.  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

In less than two hours I'll be at the airport on my way to The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK!  I'm very excited to be helping man the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) booth, going to a fashion show, and meeting fellow fiber artists as well as having time with my elder son Mathias and his girlfriend LJ.  Mathias and LJ live there and dance for Birmingham Royal Ballet.

(Above:  Stained Glass LXVII.)

Before departure, however, Stained Glass LXVII got finished, photographed, and framed.  The next two pieces in this series are also constructed, stitched, and in the process of being melted.  I'll finish and share them after I return next Wednesday, August 14th.  

(Above:  Stained Glass XLVII, detail.)

I plan on taking plenty of photos (where permitted) while attending the various activities and exhibitions at The Festival of Quilts.  If anyone reading this post is also going to the show, please stop by the SAQA booth during these times and introduce yourself!   Thur. 11:30 - 1; Sat. 10 - 11:30; and Sun. 11:30 - 1. I'm also going to Friday's Fashion show and the SAQA Meet&Greet!

(Above:  Lift and Tuck.  44" x 20".  Vintage table runner, bra and girdle, recycled acrylic felt, mat board with collage, wool, yarn and sewing thread. Hand stitched.  Click on image to enlarge.)

One of the reasons behind this trip to England is the fact that my piece Lift and Tuck is in the debut show of SAQA's new international traveling exhibit, Metaphors on Aging.  I'm thrilled of course.  From England the show moves to South Africa before returning to the USA.  To read more about this piece, CLICK HERE.  The entire exhibit is now on the SAQA website ... HERE

(Above:  Package from Lynn Cohen in California.)

While traveling, I always take hand stitching with me.  I could have elected to take a batch of wooden spools to wrap and stitch because I just got this great package from Lynn Cohen, a talented artist (fibers and great sketching ... she's even published a book!)  In addition to the wooden spools, Lynn sent all these plastic caps.  These are the parts of plastic containers that really AREN'T recycleable ... and they will be going to my friend Kirkland Smith for her amazing assemblages using these materials.  Kirkland is very excited about the "California Milk" lids.  This is just proof that "one artist's trash is another artist's treasure!"  THANK YOU LYNN!

I'm not taking the spools though.  I'm taking a section of an antique crazy quilt to "over stitch" with dense running stitches .... a totally relaxing thing to do while waiting, talking to people, and otherwise occupied!  I can't wait!


E. Ericasta said...

Looks great ! I would like to ask for re-blogging here On my private blog

Cheers, Heidrun
... Write from Bavaria, Augsburg

Wanda said...

I thought about you alot last night during a thunderstorm and hoped you were way up above it! Thumbs up! Enjoy the Show...you are so Close and yet so far for me. I look Forward to Hearing about your adventures. Have fun with Mathias and LJ...tell them we say hello and send love!