Monday, October 07, 2013

Somethings new and somethings almost forgotten!

(Above:  In Box CXIX.  Unframed 28" x 16".  Framed:  34" x 22".  Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

I'm really concentrating on getting as many new "In Box" and "Stained Glass" series pieces done as possible as it is less than a month before both the Washington Craft Show and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  Thus, there's always something "new" when it comes to this work!

(Above:  In Box CXX.)

I'm so busy making this work that I occasionally forget what I've posted here on my blog ... confusing things with an occasional Facebook post or shared information such as being part of a great on-line article at, a fantastic British website devoted to contemporary fiber arts.  The name of the article is "Finding an Audience for Your Art:  Top Tips".  Among the other artists interviewed are:  Lisa Reich, Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, Cas Holmes, Erin Endicott, Carol Naylor, Barbara Shapiro, Pippa Andrews, and Tille Schwartz.  I feel like I'm in really, really exceptional company!  WOW!  Read the article HERE

(Above:  People reading Jasper Magazine while attending Unearth: A Celebration of Naturally Inspired Art.)

I also get so busy that I often forget to snap photos of some of the great events in which I'm lucky enough to participate ... like yesterday's Unearth: A Celebration of Naturally Inspired Art at Saluda Shoals Park.  Over forty juried artists were demonstrating various techniques and approaches to their work while along the trails and riverbank overlooks.  I demonstrated dry-felting ... making fiber book marks with kids of all ages!  The only photo I remembered to take, however, was the one above ... which was just as the event was ending.  I brought a stack of Jasper Magazines, a free publication devoted to the arts scene in Columbia.  I captured the last visitors to my table ... but forgot to ask them to snap a photo of me!  Oh well!  It was a great day and the weather was wonderful. 

(Above:  Lee Sipe, Sharon Funderburk, and me ... in order from left to right as the third, second, and first place winners of the Open Media category at the South Carolina State Fair.)

Thankfully Steve remembered to snap a few photos later in the day ... at the reception for the art exhibition at the South Carolina State Fair.  It was thrilling to know the other two artists who won awards in my category, Open Media.   

(Above:  Time Revolving, first place winner in Open Media at the 2013 South Carolina State Fair.)

Many artists across the United States look down their noses at "state fairs", think these are amateurish events beneath them, and unworthy of their attention.  That's not the case in South Carolina!  There were 1,141 individual works delivered for out-of-state juror Jason Craighead to consider.  Nine hundred and eleven pieces were accepted ... which means 230 were juried out of the show.  The monetary awards for this year's fair totaled $22,650.  My first place ribbon came with a $500 check!  Yes, I'm thrilled ... and very proud to have my work so honored!

(Above:  Time Revolving, first place winner in the Open Media category of the 2013 State Fair.)

To read more about this piece, CLICK HERE.

(Above:  Time Revolving, detail of reverse.)

The way the State Fair committee positioned my work made a little bit of the back visible from the side ... very thoughtful!

(Above:  Steve and me with Time Revolving.)

Between Unearth and the State Fair, yesterday was a GREAT DAY.  Yet, there was another "great day" last week which I forgot to list on my blog!

(My Bluegrass Roots.  Click on image to enlarge.)

While riding in the car from Tennessee to Maryland last weekend, I checked my messages and learned that My Bluegrass Roots won the Choice Award at the PAQA-South juried exhibition ARTQUILTSFreezeframe !!!  What a thrill, especially since this show required a photo release for each inspirational photo.  My release was signed by my 94-year old grandmother.  The photo is of her first cousin and the girl he didn't marry! To read more about this piece and "the rest of the story", CLICK HERE

(Above:  My mother with the other two quilt in the "My Bluegrass Roots" series.  The art quilt at the very top depicts my great-grandfather, Max Oswald.  The woman in the lower art quilt is his mother.  My mother is holding the only known photo of Max's father, Carl Oswald ... my great-great grandfather!  It's all in the family!

(Above:  Handed Down.)

Today I learned that Handed Down won third place in the category of "Masters:  Original Interpreted Wall Quilt" at the La Conner Quilt Festival and will be on view at the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum's exhibit, The Best of Festival 2013, through November 24th. The awards are listed HERE

For those people who think I "get into everything" ... please note, I just got rejected from Craftform, an art residency on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and an art residency at Caldera in Oregon (fourth year to be rejected) ... and that was just last week.  I just keep trying!  I am also linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber artworks.


Julie said...

Your perseverence and hard work is rewarded and well deserved. Congratulations on your first prize :) You work so hard I'm amazed you ever find time to write your informative blog posts, I am nowhere near as productive. By the way, I do like your skirt in the photo with you and Steve, lovely colour.

Margaret said...

I think your Bluegrass Roots #3 is my fave of the series -- a well-deserved award, Susan! You work hard and it shows!

Wanda said...

Good things happening .... congratulations on your successes. I suppose I knew that there were some rejections as well as acceptances. But remember, everything happens for a reason. I personally would just keep applying to the Grand Canyon and Oregon residencies. In fact, I even looked into the Grand Canyon one. I don't qualify in any way shape or form (for any residency for that matter!) but still would love to do it! I sure wish I had a state fair or even a county fair I could enter something in. I've looked into that too and, well, I don't qualify for those things either. I guess I've always though state fairs are good. Probably because you've been in them for so long. Sure hoping Steve has a good time and you get lots of creative time in while he's away. I'm holding my thumbs in German and crossing my fingers in English that Mathias's performances go well!

Regina B Dunn said...

Congratulations on your First Prize. It's a beautiful piece. And I read the online article when they posted it. I agree with what you said.