Monday, March 31, 2014

In Fusion ... my two articles in Dale Rollerson's e-Magazine.

(Above:  The first page of my feature article Hot and Hair-Brained in Dale Rollerson's IN FUSION, e-magazine.)

Recently I was honored to write both a feature article and an artist profile for Dale and Ian Rollerson's In Fusion, e-magazine.  Dale and Ian are also the owners of The Thread Studio in Perth, Australia, my favorite Internet shop for contemporary embroidery supplies and materials.  I guess that's why I'm listed with my full, legal name ... because that's what my credit card says! 

Dale has given me permission to blog both these articles.  Of course, both are jam packed with images but to read it with these visuals, one needs a subscription.  Get that HERE.  Otherwise, I've posted the feature article Hot and Hair-Brained HERE on another "support blog". 

(Above:  The first page of my artist profile Never Enough ... Art and Hours as it appears in Dale and Ian Rollerson's In Fusion e-magazine.)

I've posted the text for the artist profile HERE.  The feature article covers my melting techniques.  The artist profile is a narrative about making the transition from a wannabe embroiderer to being a full-time, professional studio artist.  Enjoy!  I sure enjoyed writing both these articles.


Wanda said...

Wonderful articles! Well worth the read and thank you so much for the links!!

Sandy said...

I hope you are enjoying the teaching.
Thanks for trying to connect with me. I still can't get the email to go through to you.

Maybe after I get back from Yorkshire at the end of the week?

Anyway, I am glad I can keep up with you here anyway. I also wanted to say I have been invited to do Fashion Sans Frontieres again this year. I am hoping to do something completely new.
Hope you get some rest after teaching.