Sunday, September 28, 2014


(Above:  Jeana Boyd, my studio assistant, and me under Threads: Gathering My Thoughts.  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

I've titled this blog post "Housekeeping" but it has absolutely nothing to do with the traditional sense of the word.  In fact, I consider myself a "wild animal" ... totally incapable of performing any domestic task.  That's my husband Steve's department.  Yet, this blog is in need a bit of "housekeeping".  Why?  Well, I'm behind on my blogging.  I've seen dozens and dozens of photos from last week's art reception on Facebook but I haven't posted the ones on my camera ... including this great shot of Jeana and me!

(Above:  Cindi Boiter of Jasper Magazine, Wade Sellers of Coal Powered Filmworks, and Lee Snelgrove of OneColumbia ... setting up before the opening reception of Operatic Threads.)

I really wanted to share the excitement that went into making this special evening.  The event partnered so many great people and organizations.  Everyone had a place at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios ... a function ... a way to promote arts of all kind ... and allow room for pedestrian traffic because we really had quite a good crowd!

This is Cindi Boiter ... showing off her new edition of Jasper Magazine which launched that evening.

This is Wade Sellers, Jasper's film editor and the man who made the fantastic video that shows off the preparations for my installation, Threads: Gathering My Thoughts ... which played in this hallway, right outside my studio door.  (If you haven't seen this video ... well ... I'm really thrilled with how it showcases the installation but also much about my work and approaches to making art.  CLICK HERE to see it!)

This is the photo booth for OneColumbia's launch of their "Cultural Passport".

Of course I had to have my passport photo taken too!

This is Caitlin Bright, executive director of the Tapps Art Center ... showing her new Cultural Passport.  People collect stamps from various arts events in exchange of gifts and shop discounts, etc.  At least one college class is using these passports as part of general arts courses!

And ... here are the three artists involved in the exhibition!  Tish Lowe, Michael Krajewski, and me!

Tish Lowe's classical, realistic oils filled the main gallery.

Tish did a fantastic job of hanging and lighting her work.

We placed the chairs around the walls ... not wanting to make the seating too confined ...

... for when members of Palmetto Opera performed that night!

Most people stood ... but others simply sat on the floor ...

... and the vast majority congregated just outside in the wide hallway.

I was there in the hallway too ... with Tim McClendon, who played piano for most of the remaining part of the evening.  It was great music accompanying great art!

Steve and I handed my camera back and forth ... snapping all sorts of photos at the reception.  The photo above was one of my favorites because I'm standing with Michael Krajewski whose graffiti based on the opera La Boheme is directly on all four walls surrounding my installation. (I'll be shooting photos of it on Wednesday after my threads and baskets come down.  A professional photographer will be shooting it too because Muddy Ford Press intends to create a book showcasing the work as a 21st century version of the classical, Italian opera!)  I am also standing beside Al Black, a talented poet who recent book was just published by Muddy Ford Press.  He and I are collaborating on an installation that will be on view next February!  The entire evening was a success and  I created a Flickr! album to remember it by.  CLICK HERE to access.

The Flickr! "reception" album includes plenty of "people pictures" ... since the view through my installation just seemed to create fantastic photo ops!  I also created a Flickr! album of all the images I took of the installation and the process of suspending the 130+ baskets and miles of thread.  CLICK HERE to access that photo album.

(Above:  Key to Fearlessness.)

Now ... please don't think that I haven't been making art since this reception!  Far from it!  Hence, a little more "housekeeping" is in order.  First, someone attending the reception took one of the tagged keys off my Wall of Keys (which is in my studio.)  She wanted it framed with some "textiles" like many of my other tagged keys.  This is what I came up with.

Next ... I was accepted into both the wholesale/retail ACC (American Craft Council) show in Baltimore and their retail only show in Atlanta!  That means ... it is time to make more fiber Stained Glass and In Box series pieces!  To get started, however, meant that I needed at least a day doing "prep work" since I used up many essential items for this work.  The photo above shows two bolts of Wonder Under ... after I painted all the yardage with very watery, acrylic paint.

The photo above shows a stack of cut felt.  This felt was once the packaging material for a kayak or canoe being shipping from a North Carolina manufacturer to my local outdoor shop, River Runner.  Guy Jones, the owner, saves it for my work!  Here, I've cut two big pieces into several needed sizes.  The stack includes enough for 3 large stained glass windows, 4 Lunettes, 4 Lancet Windows, 6 small windows, 4 large "In Box" pieces, 6 medium "In Box" pieces and 6 small "In Box" pieces.  On each piece, I've already ironed the first layer of Wonder Under ... the the exact size of the needed piece.  I'm ready to start working!

As a result, I've got this Lunette already stitched ... and ready to be melted.  It is a "first refusal" for a client at Iago Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC where I'm represented.

And ... I've got this large Stained Glass Window under construction as a "first refusal" for a local client!  I've got other work in progress too ... but I'll share that later this week!  So much for "housekeeping"! LOL!


Sandy said...

I am so glad you showed images of the threads with people. It makes it much easier to get an idea of the scale of the work.
Amazing atmosphere!

Wanda said...

This Installation is unbelievable. I thought I could imagine it but now that I've seen your posted photos and both flckr Shows, I know that I couldn't imagine it and am so very happy you showed the Pictures. It's really great. And it can never be the same whenever it is up. That's also a neat Thing to think about..that it will always be different. I love the whole Thing! Congratulations! Now...back to work!