Friday, October 10, 2014

Two pieces placed!

(Above:   Detail from Stained Glass LX.  Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

A client wanted a very special, large "Stained Glass" fiber piece.  Like me, she's one of four girls but her associations with the number four runs deeper.  She's also the mother of four daughters, collects four-leaf clovers, and looks for "fours" in artwork and in nature.  She wanted a piece based on the number four that could be hung either horizontally or vertically.

 (Above: The paper mock up for Stained Glass LX.)

I took on the task and communicated with the client via a "support blog" ... posting photos as I went through the steps necessary to create the work.  She was able to see the step-by-step progression of the work with images and explanations ... big images ... just like here ... ones that can be enlarged for closer inspection!

 (Above:  Stained Glass LX under the Bernina getting free motion stitched.)

Everything went so well that she came by Mouse House, my business, to see some of the melting in action.  Thus, I didn't snap photos of those steps ... but anyone can now visit the rest of the process by clicking HERE.   Yesterday, she picked up the completed, framed work.  She are both so very, very pleased.  Photos of the work are further below. A detail image is also at the top of this blog post.
(Above:  Lunette XIV, after being melted with both soldering irons and an industrial heat gun.)

Wouldn't it figure, I needed my "support blog" during the same week ...for another client.  I don't actually know this client.  She found my work at Iago Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC and commissioned the piece through them.  (We called it a "first refusal" because Iago agreed to take the piece into their gallery if their client ended up not wanting it.)  Iago Gallery didn't have exactly what she wanted but provided a link to my "sales blog".  The client liked one of my "Lunette Windows" but really wanted a piece with more red, burgundy, green, gold, and black.  So, I set out to make it and kept Iago abreast of the progress via my support blog.  Thus, I remembered to snap photos of the melting process.

I even had my husband Steve take a picture of me ... wearing my ventilator mask in the garage.  The fumes from melting polyester are toxic!  The step-by-step process of this piece can be found HERE.

(Above:  Lunette XIV.  Finished!)

Last Tuesday, I drove to Gastonia ... a halfway meeting place between Columbia, SC and Blowing Rock, NC ... to drop off the finished Lunette and four other pieces.  Why?  Well, I'm thrilled to say that this gallery has sold rather well.  They only had one piece of mine left in their space!  Plus, their client has already come in and purchased the Lunette!  I'm thrilled; Iago Gallery is thrilled; the client is thrilled!  Nothing is better!

Well ... maybe something really is "better".  It's hard to say!  Why?  This past Sunday was very significant.  Shandon Methodist Church held a dedication for two of my large Stained Glass pieces that were purchased as a memorial honoring a special member.  (To read an older blog post about this commission, CLICK HERE)  Since I delivered the pieces, a special film was placed over the window to reduce the sun's glare.  Track lighting is being installed and a plaque is being made.  Approximately one hundred people crowded into the stairwell for the dedication ...

... including family members from as far away as Oregon.


The head minister blessed the family, the artwork, and the congregation.  It was really beautiful.  I am truly honored.  So much of my fiber art is made with the hope that "something" will last for more than my lifetime, be treasured in the future, and stand in my memory too.  I think this assures these wishes.  Below (and also the first photo in this blog post) are the other photos of the newest "Stained Glass" piece ... now in another, new home!  Despite being rejected from Quilt National this week, it has been a good week.  I'll blog my "rejects" later ... as I don't have time to do it now.  Steve and I are headed for a weekend with my parent in their Hilton Head timeshare.  Dad turned EIGHTY on Sunday!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

(Above:  Detail of Stained Glass LX.)

(Above:  Detail of Stained Glass LX.)

(Above:  Detail of Stained Glass LX.)

(Above:  Stained Glass LX.  Framed:  63" x 23".)
I am linking this blog post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber artwork.


Hilary Florence said...

This is stunningly beautiful Susan. I love the play of shapes and patterns. Your sense of colour is wonderful and you obviously have a great sense of balance to be able to use so many different colours and they blend together and look just right. I hope your client is thrilled. I would be.

Bruce the Great said...

Congratulations, Susan. Perhaps the lady would be interested in some of my work "for" sale. :)

Bruce the Great said...

P.S. Shall we plan a play day at Philly next year?

Cheryl Lynch Quilts said...

These pieces are stunning Susan. I especially like the bright colors of Lumiere. When I have a few extra minutes I need to follow the link for your process, because it does not look like fabric.
Who needs QN with your success!

Cheryl Lynch Quilts said...

Oops! I meant stained glass.

lindacreates said...

So very beautiful !

deb-of-pixeladies said...

QN's loss. CONGRATULATIONS on all of your sales.

Wanda said...

Great work!