Friday, April 03, 2015

Shadow's fur

This is the start to a hair-brained idea ... dry felting all of Shadow's cat fur into a unique "art quilt top". I hope it works. Shadow was our much beloved "shop cat", unafraid of toddlers, unable to always successfully jump up onto the sales counter, often confused by the other cat, and absolutely afraid of the outdoors ... even when she was only on the front porch. She was thirteen years old when she died ... but still the "baby". She is missed ... but her fur just might make a very unique art quilt!

This photo was taken years ago. Shadow always had to sit on exactly what I was doing ... including making herself comfortable on a borrowed Boston Ballet tutu worn by Mathias' dance partner back in 2006!


Bruce the Great said...

You de-furred Shadow?

Maggi said...

A nice way to remember Shadow

Wanda said...

How cool is that?! The color alone will be a great reminder of such a wonderful friend!

Anonymous said...

That is cool, but I'm wondering how you managed to get all that fur...!!!

Linda Laird said...

If you have any extra fur, think about making some small toupees, moustaches, and beards with it--great for instant disguises!

I'm always glad to help.

Linda Laird