Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Framed Keys

(Above:  The Key to Respect.  Click on any image in this blog post for an enlargement.)

Next week will find me in Carrollton, Georgia installing my solo show, Last Words, at the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum. I'm excited! The museum has a gift shop. I've been asked to bring work for the shop. Of course I'll bring some of my bookmarks and Christmas ornaments, but I wasn't sure what else to bring ... until I started preparing for the "Second Life", two-day workshop I'll also be teaching in Carrollton.  The first exercise involves tagging a key.  It is my method of stimulating thoughts, inspiration, and creativity ... using WORDS.  So ... why not bring some of my own, framed keys for the shop!  I like the idea so well that I made a bunch of new pieces ... especially for this opportunity.

(Above:  The Key to World Peace.)

As luck or serendipity would have it, a nice lady brought me one of my tagged keys ... one that wasn't yet framed ... and asked me to frame it too.  This is her piece.  I tried hard to include "global" material ... fragments of a Chinese screen and a piece of antique French brocade along with beads from Africa and some wool roving purchased from The Thread Studio in Australia.  I hope she likes it!

(Above:  The Key to Wisdom.)

Steve likes making the frames for these pieces.  It is an opportunity to use a piece of discontinued moulding in our framing garage.  Each key was made specifically for each frame.  It is challenging and fun!

(Above:  The Trenholm Art Guild.)

Another fun thing I did this week was to present my lecture, Beyond a Series, to the Trenholm Art Guild.  This non-profit was established in 1971 and has over 200 members.  By the time my presentation started, extra chairs had to be brought into the room. Over 75 people had come!  It was an honor.  Below are the rest of the framed keys made this week!

(Above:  The Key to Truth.)

(Above:  The Key to Faith.)

(Above:  The Key to Beauty.)

(Above:  The Key to Dark Chocolate.)

(Above:  The Key to a Secret Garden.)

(Above:  The Key to Esteem.)

(Above:  The Key to Gusto.)

(Above:  The Key to Love.)

(Above:  The Key to My Heart.)


Wanda said...

I absolutely love the framed keys. They always make me wonder, if I could have but one, what would it be. It is so cool that you can have some of your art in the museum's gift shop! Congratulations on a standing-room-only lecture!

Maggi said...

The keys look so beautiful framed.