Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let There Be Light!

 (Above:  Me working on a Large Stained Glass Window in my new "home" stitching studio!  Click on any image in this blog post for an enlargement.)

This is the first full weekend for me to work in my new "home" stitching studio.  I'm loving it ... as I knew I would ... but there's an added reason why this time is so special.  It has to do with the lighting.

 (Above:  My 10' x 10' Pro Panel booth's track lighting installed on giant, heavy duty U-hooks ... the type generally used to suspend bicycles.)

Before moving my 4' x 8' wooden work table from my old studio at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios to my new home studio, I did stitch a small commissioned art quilt in this former bedroom.  It was fun.  The lady loved the piece. Everything went well but I knew I had a problem.  There wasn't enough light.  I really enjoy working in lots of light.  I needed more.  Steve and I discussed various ideas while on our way to the ACC (American Craft Council) Baltimore Show but nothing was decided.  It looked like a new expense ... until setting up our booth.  As I installed the three track lighting strips, it occurred to me that this was "lighting".  It was lighting that we already owned.  It was lighting that could easily be put into the studio and removed for the two weeks per year when needed in the booth.  Why I hadn't thought of this perfect solution will remain a mystery. LOL!

 (Above:  Another track lighting strip installed above the Babylock Tiara.)

Unbelievably, we also already owned the four, heavy-duty bicycle U-hooks.  They'd been purchased years ago to hold extra frames in the garage.  Steve knew just where they were.  Within minutes, the two of the track lighting strips were positioned in the home studio.  It is wonderfully bright ... and the LED lights are top quality, color correcting, and don't produce heat!  Perfect!

 (Above:  Two lights from my parents ... just to add charm to the studio!)

As much as I like the track lighting, these two Gothic inspired sconces really make me smile.  I remember them from childhood.  They were among the first "fancy" things my mother and father bought to make a proper, formal dining room.  I think they were from Venice but I'm not sure.  I have no memory of them ever being turned on ... which might account for the fact that the bulbs were still good.  They are plugged into a multi-outlet power strip and come on automatically with the track lighting.  I love them!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

(Above:Donation of thread and yarn from Penny Mascaro.)

I'm also happy to share this fabulous stash of yarn and old thread donated by Penny Mascaro of Fort Royal Virginia.  The old thread is now part of the miles of unraveled string headed to the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum where my installation Threads: Gathering My Thoughts will be on view from April 29 - August 14.  The yarn will become a fiber vessel!  Thanks, Penny!


Sherrie Spangler said...

Great idea for the lighting -- artists can never have enough light! Thanks.

Wanda said...

I just LOVE the room and the lighting! And yes, I remember those brass colored lamp things in the dining room as well! ha ha It does add something....something very personal! I recently had to get rid of my ott light...remember when I got it? After I "discovered" them in ORLANDO at the EGA seminar!!! I immediately ordered a floor lamp and don't think I can sew without such a lamp. Well, it was 110v so I always had to use a transformer. I have to say though, I only had to replace the bulb 3 times in 15 years. But the bendable neck was completely shot and the plug was too loose to repair yet again so I finally ordered a new "daylight lamp" from here. It is even BETTER!!! The bulb is not so long but it is very wide so the light it casts covers a greater space. It did take me awhile to stop unplugging the thing though....I was SO used to unplugging it from the transformer and then unplugging the transformer itself! I still have the table ottlamp that I got in California and I still have one last transformer tucked away. My purple Christmas lights are 110v so I have to have one still.