Wednesday, March 09, 2016

We're in Atlanta!

 (Above:  In Box CCXVI or CCXVII ... I'm not sure which because I only took a photo of one of the two last pieces made before heading out to the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta!  Click on either image in this blog post to enlarge.  Framed:  19" x 15". $225 plus tax and shipping.)

Amazingly, I managed to finish two, small "In Box" series pieces before loading the rental cargo van for the ACC (American Craft Council) Atlanta show.  I thought I snapped photos of both works but apparently I didn't.  I guess it doesn't matter because the trip to Atlanta went marvelously well.  The weather is great.  The drive was mostly without the delays of Atlanta's notorious traffic.  The unload was easy and our booth location is THE BEST!  

(Above:  Booth 1408 at the ACC Atlanta show ... which Steve waving!)

Generally 10' x 10' booths are just that ... ten feet by ten feet ... no extra area behind the back wall.  Yet, booth 1408 is located in the last aisle, against the exterior wall, and includes at least four feet of additional depth behind my back wall.  In the photo above, Steve is standing in that back area.  This will be his "hiding place" for the weekend ... plus a great place for storage.  We didn't set the booth totally up.  Instead, we just erected the walls, installed the lights, and put slid the boxes of artwork into the space.  We will return tomorrow to complete the move in process.  So ... this is the "before" photo.  Tomorrow I'll blog the "after" photo!

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Wanda said...

Awesome! Congrats on the GREAT location and I'm sure thinking of you and wishing you success and FUN! Don't forget to have FUN too!!