Friday, April 08, 2016

Cross Country Adventure Begins!

(Above:  The back of our mini cargo van ... ready to head west!  Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

Today has been busy ... finishing last minute paperwork, helping framing clients pick up their orders (since our business, Mouse House, will be closed through April 18th), and PACKING THE VAN!  Sure, I could have attempted to ship 130+ baskets and dozens of miles of unraveled thread but it would have cost a small fortune.  Steve's mathematical estimates proved it would cost less to actually drive the work to the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum in Arizona.  So ... that's what we are doing! 

(Above:  Threads: Gathering My Thoughts at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios.)

This is what the installation looked like when mounted at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios in September 2014.  I can't wait to transform the room in Arizona next Tuesday. 

(Above: In Box CCXIX.)

We will be traveling to Arizona via my solo show opening at the Georgia Agriculture Museum.  That's tomorrow!  After installing all the thread and baskets next Tuesday, Steve and I will head east ... in a hurry.  The member's only opening of Stories of Migration: Contemporary Artists Interpret Diaspora at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC is on Friday evening and the public opening is on Saturday!  That's a lot of driving!  I'll be getting plenty of hand stitching done while looking out the passenger side window!

(Above: In Box CCXVIII.)

From DC we head to the northern shores of New Jersey to deliver a rather large wholesale art order to a gallery!  Among the pieces are these recently finished works.  I hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually profitable relationship!

(Above: In Box CCXVIII, detail.)

I hope to blog while on the road ... especially about the installation and the fancy openings!  I can't wait!

(Above: In Box CCXX.)

I'll be making more "In Box" and "Stained Glass" series pieces when I return.  Why?  Well, I'm now also represented by City Art in Columbia's Vista neighborhood.  Between the gallery in New Jersey, City Art, and the sales from the ACC Baltimore and Atlanta Show ... I need to make more!

(Above: Lancet Window LXXIII.)

Thank goodness I look making them!

(Above: Lancet Window LXXII.)


Robbie said...

Safe travels and look forward to your posts!

Margaret said...

You are a pair of crazy travellers! Hope you stay safe on the road and have a wonderful time!

Linda Laird said...

Have a wonderful trip--the Southwest is beautiful and blooming this time of year!

Shasta Matova said...

Safe travels!