Thursday, May 26, 2016

At Rest in Minnesota

(Above:  At Rest in Minnesota, 10" x 10". Crayon grave rubbing, buttons, and vintage doilies and lace on a pale yellow handkerchief with self-guided, free motion embroidery and dense hand stitching. Click on either image to enlarge.)

Although I've been losing track of time while working in my provided, subterranean art residency studio, I eventually get hungry enough to return to the apartment every evening.  The view from the kitchen table is of lovely, green grass and pine trees on the grounds of the former Fergus Falls State Hospital.  Then, it is time for handwork!  I've been streaming Mad Men, a television show available on Netflix (which I didn't even know was possible on my laptop until arriving here in Minnesota!) I started this piece in the Phoenix airport waiting for my flight to Minnesota.  I finished it here in Fergus Falls.

I generally title my grave rubbing art quilts according to the epitaph, but "At Rest" is a very, very common.  I've made many rubbings with these words ... including one of my very favorite pieces.  This antique sleeping gown includes all sorts of epitaphs with references to "sleep".  So appropriately, I called it At Rest.  Then I made a rubbing in Arkansas with the words "At Rest".  I didn't want to give it the same name, so I called it At Rest in Arkansas Last October while in Oregon, I made several grave rubbings of this same little bird carrying a sash with the words "At Rest".  I made another, small piece using this motif and called it At Rest in Oregon.  So, what was I supposed to call this latest piece?

I made the rubbing in Oregon.  I pinned the design together while teaching my workshop "Second Life" at the Georgia Agriculture Museum. I started stitching it at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  Yet, I finished it here in Minnesota ... so that's the title!  At Rest in Minnesota!

(Above: At Rest in Minnesota, reverse.)

I brought everything with me ... including the vintage materials for the reverse and sleeve.  Now in the evenings I'm working on two other pieces.  One is much larger but is as densely stitched.  Before the end of my residency, I will hopefully not run out of either episodes of Mad Men or grave rubbings on which to stitch.

I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber art. 

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