Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More New Work!

 (Above:  In Box CCXLIX. Inventory # 3789. Framed: 25" x 37". $675. Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge.)

Last February (after thirteen-and-a-half years), I moved out of my studio at Gallery 80808/Vista Studio and set up an even larger space inside Mouse House (which is both my business and my home).  I don't miss my old studio but I do miss the empty white walls in the gallery ... and especially the four skylights over the space which create the most perfect setting for photographing my work.  I'm experimenting with various locations.  None are ideal.  Here in South Carolina, the sun is too bright and the shadows are too dark.  Waiting for an overcast day is not really an option.  For In Box CCXLIX I tried the front windowsill on our porch.  I wanted to show the entire presentation because it is new and definitely modern ... white-on-white. 

(Above:  In Box CCXLIX.)

 The palette is also a new one ... all yellows, oranges, bronze and gold.  The individual blocks are not melted using a soldering iron.  I stitched only geometric motifs that could be viewed as either horizontal or a vertical.  The lower right corner includes both my last name and date ... but in such a way that the piece can hang in either direction.

 (Above:  In Box CCXLIX, detail.)

This piece is also quite a bit bigger than my other "In Box" series works.  I'm quite enjoying the challenge to develop ideas for my upcoming November solo show at City Art here in Columbia.  The space at City Art is enormous.  It is allowing me to act on some hair-brained ideas ... including limited palettes, modern presentations, and bigger sizes.  There will be others in the coming weeks!

 (Above:  Stained Glass LXXIV. Inventory # 3787. Framed:  63" x 23". $1,200.)

November will be an incredibly busy month.  I'm teaching in both Florida and in Wisconsin ... plus my work was accepted into the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  Thus, I'm making plenty of work ... including all four sizes of my "Stained Glass" looking fiber artwork.

  (Above:  Stained Glass LXXIV, detail.)

I've never used quite as much polyester stretch velvet before ... mostly because I've never attempted making so much work in such a short period of time.  I just placed another order with SpandexWorld.com.  Soon, I'll be needing another batch of chiffon scarves from Dale Rollerson at her Thread Studio in Perth, Australia.

  (Above:  Stained Glass LXXIV, detail.)

I'm slightly behind on my blogging too.  Why?  Well, I'm showing the work that is finished AND photographed.  There are actually more pieces that are "finished" but not mounted, framed, and photographed.  More blog posts are planned!

 (Above:  Lancet Window LXXV. Inventory # 3785. Framed:  31" x 11". $395.)

In the meantime, here are three new Lancet Windows ... taken with my new camera.  Hopefully, I'll have my photographing issues solved soon since I've got a new camera. 

  (Above:  Lancet Window LXXV, detail.)

I'm linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber arts.

  (Above:  Lancet Window LXXVI. Inventory # 3786. Framed:  31" x 11".)

  (Above:  Lancet Window LXXVI, detail.)

(Above: Lancet Window LXXVII. Inventory # 3788. Framed: 31" x 11". $395.)


flspirit said...

WOW! Susan. You are a very busy lady! Must check your schedule to see where in FL you will be this fall. Hugs, Sheilana

forensa said...

Love the natural evolution these pieces show. Your style is still recognizable - but more sharply outlined than work you did during your Key West residency. Love all your work! Jessica

Margaret said...

The new palate is lovely! At first I wondered about putting it against white vs. cream...and then realize the latter would dull it...so white is the perfect choice! I continue to admire your energy and prodigious production...while I labour over one small 3-part installation! Ah, well...I remind myself I'm a good decade older (grin). Blessings for all you do, my friend.

Wanda said...

Beautiful new work! Even though you are working under pressure (which isn't necessarily something new for you but the level is pretty high right now) your new pieces never looked rushed or just "cranked out". You are awesome! AND you find the time somewhere to look at my blogs and comment on my emails!! Thank you!

Pam said...

I love your stain glass windows.

Wheatlady said...

Susan your creations are brilliant and inspiring. It was fun getting to know you better through your blog.