Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wonderful Weekend in Ashville!

 (Above:  Detail of Large Stained Glass LXXVI.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

The last few days have been utterly wonderful!  It started on Thursday when I drove my art-loaded cargo van to the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville.  I delivered nearly thirty framed pieces and twenty fiber vessels into the staff's more than capable hands.  Then, I was off to visit downtown galleries and museums.  For the most part, I was sight-seeing, not falling under the spell of fabulously tempting treasures until entering Chevron Trading Post and Bead Co.  There was a section offering vintage beads.  I couldn't resist a few rarities. 

 (Above:  LouAnne Jordan and Karen Kennedy ... in the room for my solo show.)

By Friday morning, my show was hung.  (Not everything, of course!  This show allows cash-and-carry.  I brought enough work to have some "in reserve" ... and by Saturday afternoon, they were needed!)  Fiber vessels sat on pedestals; price tags were up; and there was a gorgeous bouquet in a hand blown glass vase!  I am truly indebted to everyone at the Grovewood!  Thank you!

 (Above:  How the room looked on Thursday ... after delivering the work ... before the show was staged.)

I took photos of the space after I delivered the work.  I meant to snap pictures when I arrived on Friday morning ... but I got busy!  After bringing in my sewing machine, balls of cording, skeins of yarn, and one Large Stained Glass still on the stretcher bars for my demonstrations, people started to come into the space.  I talked all day and again all day on Saturday.  I met lots of great people ...

(Above Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry ... visiting my show!)

... and enjoyed a surprise visit from my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Larry (who was celebrating his 80th birthday!)
 (Above:  The Omni Grove Park Inn and Resort.)

It was truly my honor to be selected for a solo exhibit from among the 400+ artists represented at the Grovewood Gallery.  Yet, the honor was heightened by the fact that this past weekend was the 30th Annual Arts and Crafts Conference at the Omni Grove Park Inn.  People came from all over the nation.  Specialty artisans and companies (like Stickley and Roycroft!) set up vendor booths in the Vanderbilt wing.

 (Above and below:  Arts and Crafts vendor booths.)

I was able to browse through some of the displays before the conference opened on Saturday morning.  There was also a very high end antique show, but it was firmly locked!

I could  likely have spent the entire day admiring the carpets, furniture, stained glass, tiles, bronze ware, and pottery ... but I had demonstrations to do! 

(Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXVI.  Inventory # 3972. Unframed: 55" x 16"; framed: 63" x 23". $1200.)

For the most part, I switched from "making cord" from several skeins of assorted yarn to "using the cord" to create a fiber vessel.  Yet, I also had Large Stained Glass LXXVI with me.  It wasn't finished.  It was still stapled to a large stretcher bar.  Holes had been melted through the layers using soldering irons but the final "zap" with my industrial heat gun wasn't done until today.  Now the piece is ready for framing.  It will be going to the ACC (American Craft Council) Baltimore Show next weekend.

  (Above:  Detail of Large Stained Glass LXXVI.)

I'll be in booth 1905, and the booth will look different.  Steve and I talked about a new set-up.  This morning we tried it out in our living room.  I think it is going to look wonderful!


Lesley Turner said...

congratulations on your wonderful solo, Susan

Elizabeth said...

Lorie McCown and I look forward to seeing you in B'more!!! Congrats on Grovewood!!