Thursday, May 18, 2017

Button Ads

(Above:  Button Ad II, detail.  13" x 10"; matted to 24" x 20".  1940s advertisement from Fortune Magazine fused to fabric and covered with buttons.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Okay ... I'm now officially obsessed with buttons!  Like The Typewriter, I already owned a couple of 1940s issues of Fortune Magazine.  Inside, I found several advertisements for typewriters and accounting machines.  I fused three to fabric and started covering them in buttons.

(Above:  Button Ad I thru III ... matted and leaning against my Wall of Keys.)

I love hand-stitching every evening ... especially when the work is so much fun!  Plus, my mind has wandered to even more ideas for buttons.  I have a couple projects in mind and one even underway.

 (Above:  Button Ad I.)

The buttons cover the brand names of the machines ... because that's not the important part!  It's all about the buttons and all these "new" devices have them ... whether advertising accounting features or rhythm touch or a new movie about women in the office.

(Above:  Button Ad II.)

I like these so much that I might even put them in frames.  Right now, they are simply matted to a standard size.

(Above:  Button Ad III.)

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sonja said...

Buttons! your button studded typewriter is priceless.i love seeing how your work evolves as you stitch,etc. In jars,tins,clear plastic containers that i have no idea what originally was in them corral these tiny gems of possibility. Love finding old button cards!i use buttons currently as bag closures as in loop and button. Oh, and i also like getting information for new work as i work! i swear my hands have a mind of their own and believe the body has its own else would i recall all those dance steps?