Monday, August 21, 2017


We've had our eclipse glasses for weeks and weeks. 

There are lots of eclipse parties going on all over town but we decided to have our own ... just outside the back door.  After all, the forecast was dreadful.  Everyone feared it would be correct ... cloudy, overcast, a ruined experience for the total solar eclipse.  Yet, our luck with the weather while visiting England and France (also in the face of less-than-ideal predictions) continued.  The clouds parted.  The sun shone ... until ...

... it was overcome by the moon on its orbit.  All the security lights came on.  The temperature did drop.  It really was DARK outside.  Birds flew.  For over two minutes the world was the most eerie ever!

I'm sure NASA, professional photographers, and people employing tripods and fancy equipment and lens got better images, but I took this one!  AMAZING!

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Christine said...

So pleased you got to see this. Great picture, mine have never been very good although at the last one over here we tried taking a photo through the telescope... hysterical laughter nearly spoilt the view!!! lol