Thursday, September 14, 2017

Large Stained Glass LXXVIII

(Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXVIII.  Framed: 63" x 23". Inventory # 4075. $1300.  Polyester stretch velvets on recycled black industrial felt with free-motion machine embroidery and melting techniques.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Quite a lot of my work is currently on view at Waterworks Visual Arts Center, a regional museum in Salisbury, North Carolina.  This solo show runs through January 3rd.  So ... anything in the show is not available for the upcoming Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, November 9th - 12th.  There are five "Large Stained Glass" pieces in the show.  Until this week, there were none available for Philadelphia.  I'm up against a deadline.  This is the first of four I'm planning to make! 
(Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXVIII, detail of the top.)

The second "Large Stained Glass" piece is already constructed and stitched.  It is in the garage waiting to have holes melted through the layers of polyester stretch velvet.  After that, it must be stitched to mat board and framed.  At least it is started!

(Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXVIII, detail of middle.)

I looked over the inventory of work I do have on hand.  It looks like I'll be needing a couple more Lancet Windows, at least two more Large In Boxes, and some small Windows.  I have no Lunette Windows and am not even going to try making any.  I've got plenty of limited pallette pieces in the white-on-white presentation and enough Seasonal Leaves.  The booth will not be empty! LOL!

(Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXVIII, detail from the bottom section.)

Because all the Large Stained Glass pieces will be new, my husband Steve decided to upgrade the glass.  This piece (and the three that are coming) will have water-white, anti-reflective glass with UV protection.  This glass is AMAZING.  There's no reflection at all and no blur like non-glare glass has.  It looks as if there's no glass.  One can sit in front of the glass and NOT see one's reflection ... even in a snapshot!  I've been a little leery of this upgrade.  Why?  Because I had to increase the cost of the work by $100.  I hope people can see and appreciate the difference ... and want to own them!

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